Just realized if Houston wins, then

Ex-Razorback transfer Reggie Chaney will have to face the Hogs. I sure wish he had bought into the Muss system, but that’s the past I guess.

Have to get by Baylor first.

i said same in earlier post, i would be interested in the comparison contrast feedback from experts

And he has to get past Molester State.

What’s there to compare? He’s in the Elite Eight, his old team is also in the Elite Eight. He’s averaging 4.7 points a game and 3 boards at Houston, very close to his Hog numbers. His foul shooting is a lot better, though.

If you’re talking about replacing Chaney with Smith, we got a huge upgrade.


Oh CRAP ON A CRACKER!!! I got mixed up and it caused me to look too far ahead. I hope and pray I didn’t just jinx the shinola out of our Hogs.

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The old SWC is representing — Hogs, UH and Baylor. Three of the Elite 8 teams.

Meaning it’s quite likely that one of the three SWC refugees will be in the NCG. If Houston beats Molester State it’s guaranteed.

Texass made the Dance and lost to Abilene. SMU was in the NIT. We beat Tech in the round of 32.

Not bad for an old football league.

Speaking of the NIT, Moo U is in the final this afternoon against Tiger High. One of the guys doing the baseball game from Starkville yesterday said they should have just played that game in Tupelo.

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If we do play Houston, I think Chaney might have a hard time guarding Justin Smith and he might pick up a lot of fouls.

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