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I wonder what the Bowl committees that invite teams to play in their bowl think when key athletes decide to opt out? I wonder if they think maybe they should have chose someone else?

I understand why Burks did what he did and I think its the best decision for him… don’t question that. Too much to lose and he has been playing hurt most of the year.

Also, a couple of people I know, they are now deciding to not go to the bowl because they are not as willing to shell out the rather large sum to take the family down to a game they they think we just lost a large part of our ability to win. Can’t say as I can blame them for that either, but sports is never a sure thing so not sure that’s totally valid reasoning.

Another thought… Why would you announce it like that. At least keep the decision close to the vest to help your team. So the other team to has to prepare for you playing and just not play. Would that not have been more beneficial to your team?

Or are you required to announce it like that so you can begin to receive benefits / money?

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I think by now bowl committees have gotten the message that players on both sides may/will opt out. Part of the deal. Also part of the deal for those of us who bought tickets. I’m going anyway. Penn State is also likely to have some opt-outs, including their WR Dotson who was a Biletnikoff semifinalist (Burks wasn’t).

I’m a Burks fan. Best WR Hogs have had in my lifetime. Perhaps ever. I don’t really follow the NFL, but I’ll follow him.

Anymore than anyone else, I’m not surprised by this decision. Just disappointed. Sure, disappointed that we don’t get to see him play one last time, but more so disappointed for this team.

These decisions are selfish. Obviously other teammates and coaches understand the decisions, but that doesn’t remove the selfishness component. If fear of injury drives the decision, why play against Missouri. Why play in November? Where do you draw the line?

Of course teammates, coaches, and fans will say the right things, but calling this what it is…. selfish… is also accurate.

Not a popular opinion, I get it. But it’s mine.

As for the bowl committee’s reaction to such, I’d hope that they continue to reward teams on a successful session as they’ve done here, and not let individual decisions taint things.


Frankly, I believe that in today’s economics in which money is now so huge a young man who does not think selfishly is not too bright.

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How would you feel for burks if he plays in bowl game and tears up his knee and is never able to return to form and is unable to get the contract he is about to get?

Yes it is a risk but this is a business decision pure and simple.

In future I hope we are in games where our games want to play in for the chance to get a natty.

Yes Dotson will be a big time loss for them too… I think he put up real big numbers

I’d feel the same way for him, in your hypothetical scenario, that I’d feel for him had he torn an ACL against Missouri (or Alabama, or LSU….).

In fact, I’d feel the same way for him should he have a similar injury in the NFL before he can sign his “career contract “. I’m a huge Burks fan and wish him nothing but the best.


I’m not going to the bowl game. I’ll watch and pull for the hogs. But I do not like the changes in college athletics, NIL and coaches salaries and opt-outs etc. im still a season holder, and will be next year, but for me it’s a year to year decision.

I’d have never thought that I’d have quit buying hog tickets and lost my love of college athletics…but I’m closer than I used to be.

I do not AT ALL disagree with burks decision, but for hog fans it sucks. Period. No way to say that this doesn’t suck for hog fans. Why should we buy airfare and hotels and take time off from work, if our star players can’t be bothered to play?

Btw- I’ve really enjoyed high school swimming, tennis and wrestling the past 6 years, I’m very biased since it’s my sons, but it’s fun to watch and fun to support. These kids are IN IT every day, no reservations at all.



Without getting too much into the decision to skip the bowl game, my inquiring mind goes to the NIL environment. I suspect the early agreements at present were loosely constructed so more than likely opting out is probably not an issue, but going forward, if I were a booster/advertiser/ investor then I believe my deal would be constructed to include the full season, including bowl season.

This said, it would seem with the evolving environment of NIL is there may be a Jimmy Sexton in the offing for the NIL arena? Seems a new world might be coming.

What is the difference in the bowl game and the Missouri game? The Missouri game meant less than the bowl game will. Why play it?


You are cold-blooded, dude. No other way to say it. How can you not get how disappointed some of us are not to be able to see Treylon play for the Hogs one more time in a New Year’s Day bowl game? There are more things that matter in life than money. Darren McFadden never would have done this. I absolutely hate the opting out of bowl games that has suddenly become popular the last 10 years. I just don’t get it. It is literally 1 more game in the Florida sunshine. Does anyone play for the joy of the game anymore? You don’t have to answer…they don’t.


Lou Holtz has a couple of interesting quotes that I’m frequently reminded of in this day and age of college sports.

“In the nineties, everybody wants to talk about their rights and privileges. Twenty-five years ago, people talked about their obligations and responsibilities.”

“The freedom to do your own thing ends when you have obligations and responsibilities. If you want to fail yourself - you can - but you cannot do your own thing if you have responsibilities to team members.”


Sadly the joy of game is high school and maybe d3

To all the others the joy is tempered with the hanger ons and pack mentality as well as the uncles and brothers who seem to steer someone to their benefit as long they get their cut.

Not cold, just see reality. Enjoy the moment and win or lose support your team.

Life is way too short to get truly upset.

It is not selfish. He played out the season, in pain may I add. Who knows how bad he is hurt. He needs to heal up for the combine so he can show his best. You are being selfish because you want him to play. It’s not your money on the line.


My perspective on this issue is not about me. Any individual player’s contribution to a team sport is about exactly what Coach preaches to them in the locker room…. “The name on the front and the name on the back.”

Sometimes, individual players choose the name on the back over the name on the front. By definition, that is selfish. I’ve never said it was the wrong decision for Treylon. Just disappointing for “the name on the front”.

Again, I’m as big of a Burks fan as anyone. I’m also very aware that he played through injuries this year.

Speaking of “time to heal”, that’s what he didn’t have between the beating he took in Tuscaloosa and the short turnaround against Missouri. He had a ton of time to heal for the bowl, compared to the season. And…Since NFL Combine isn’t until March 1st, he’d have even more time to heal then.

Burks has a fan in me. But now that he’s a professional, my remarks won’t be the first aimed at one of his decisions, even if it’s from one of his fans. But, since business is business, I doubt he will (or should) care what anyone else thinks.


I honestly don’t think Treylon’s decision to opt out was about “I might get hurt” in the bowl game.

I think it was about the fact that he’s been hurt all year. He clearly was banged up against Missouri. He went into the medical tent multiple times during that game, if I remember correctly.

I would guess (and it’s only a guess) that if he was fully healthy, he would play. But if he’s been hurt all year, I can’t blame him for seeing the need to rest and finally get healthy for the NFL combine. Practicing and playing in the bowl game would just beat him up more, and yes, he would risk making his injuries much worse.

It appears that it was an agonizing decision for him.

Spot on, pike!

Pausing to savor the moment (reflecting on the joys of seeing Treylon Burks perform in a Razorback uniform)…

And not getting upset (thinking primarily of oneself concerning Treylon Burks’ decision)…

Spend a little time around folks who always seem truly happiest in life; you’ll discover they live these two basic tenets of self-awareness & self actualization.

Relatedly … ever notice the vast majority of things that make people upset are way beyond their sphere of control/influence? A complete waste of energy.

Bravo Zulu on your post. :+1:

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