Just pathetic

Just pathetic can’t rebound and can’t shoot fts. Nick Smith needs to come back next year. He is not ready for NBA.

NBA never drafts on next year. Silly.

His game may or may not be. We’ll see. His financial future on the other hand, is very ready. As would mine. In time I suspect he will be a very good NBA player. Maybe the best to ever come out of Arkansas. I wish him well.

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If Smith and Black are projected in the top 15, as they are now, you have to let them go. Even if they turn out to be terrible in the NBA, that’s good seed money for a business or an education.

Buzz is a great coach for toughness on D. He maximizes his players’ potential and his team stepped up big time this year. Hats off to theAggies.


Until we get a consistent outside shooters or at least a shooter, this will happen. Teams pack it in to where our pass, cut n slash, pass offense is ineffective. Teams adjust at halftime and we cannot because of lack of consistent outside game. I am sure Coach will scour the portal for a consistent shooter.

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He played 39 minutes. I thought he crashed.


I knew people would start blaming Nick. No one could get a shot. Nick had to take some tough shots late in the clock. And you are right Clay. He had to play too many minutes. Ricky’s offense has fallen off.

Bottom line is we are young and tighten when we give up a lead. This was happening long before Nick came back.

Muss also does not seem to excel with no days to prepare. That is a trend. Not my observation.

Finally, we had no answer for their trapping zone. none

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I agree with everything you said.

Perhaps a timeout, a change in defense, or throw a couple of more guys out there? These kids are tired.

We have coaches who don’t play zone actively saying that they changed their philosophy when they played us…play zone…win.

As I said in another thread, Coach would switch up the defense to keep the other team on their toes, and we played enough guys that we were usually fresher at the end.
Seemed like it worked pretty well.

As much as I like Muss, he has a ton of petulant child in him.


I agree. That’s why I didn’t like some of the comments on the game thread.
Muss plays his starters massive minutes. In cases where they play consecutive days, that is a problem. But even in season, its a problem in the second half. There is a reason perimeter shots that fall in the first half don’t in the second. And its not just “pressure.” Its fatigue.

This roster gets killed by a zone. Nick’s presence helps. But its not enough. Nick had to go one on one or even one on two late in the shot clock way too often today.

Sometimes players just get outplayed. Sometimes staffs get outcoached by the other staff.

Today, in my opinion, it was B.

And Muss is less petulant this year than previous years. And that is saying something. I said he acted like a petulant child in press conferences his first three years. He’s actually doing better. But I agree with your point.


Stop it

Amen, Buzz has done a superb job this year no doubt. WPS

We should play some zone?

Yeah right. You’re getting killed on the boards, so play zone which makes it harder to rebound. And us playing zone does nothing to help our biggest problem, which is our offense against THEIR zone.

Just accept the facts. We don’t have shooters. Plain and simple and no strategy is going to change that. Only way to change it is to recruit out of it.

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Exactly! When shots go down, we become a much better team. Anyone feel great when we put up a 3? I hold my breath every time :man_shrugging:t3: hoping it goes in. More minutes for others who can’t shoot isn’t solving the problem.

Sigmund Freud would have a field day reading game threads on here…football, basketball, baseball…lots of bipolar hog fan takes…one poster in particular favorite saying is “it’s about to get ugly”…usually after a single first down in FB, a walk in BSB or a missed FT in BB


I really feel that one of the biggest issues with this team is age. We are usually going against a lot of 23 to 25 year old players who have been through it so many years. We don’t have a team built that way. The physicality other teams have over us is so telling. We need some players with meat on their bones, experience playing in big games, and a couple of shooters.


I agree Clay.

The camera showed Nick up close for 3-4 seconds at one point in the 2nd half. It looked like he was having trouble getting his breath…almost like he had just finished a 400 meter race.

With all the knee management, he can’t be in tip top shape.

39 minutes was probably too much, especially considering he we played 24 hours earlier.

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I DO NOT go to those threads. I could write them without looking while the game is on. Same guys saying same things.

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Well, in fairness to this poster, it’s not that hard this year to tell when it’s about to get ugly. It’s like watching the Zapruder film replayed over and over. You know what’s about to happen each time, and it’s bad.