I just have one question!!
How in the world do you let the same player who embarrassed you (by a huge deficit) in Fayetteville also beat you in Baton Rouge? Other teams have employed several strategies to minimize Waters. I just wonder, are we not capable of watching game film and figuring out what works for other teams and try one of those strategies? Disappointing. Oh what the heck, we have the Super Bowl this weekend. Indifference is starting to set in as this team is not capable of going above .500 in the conference. Take South Carolina and the points in your charity pool. IMO.
On to baseball.

You are making too much sense.

CMA doesn’t need to watch film.
We just play “Arkansas basketball”. If we execute it it won’t matter what the other teams do…lol
Well, what if we don’t execute it? Game after game???
Again, I’m not sure which would be worse.
That Mike just isn’t capable enough to see it, or sees the problems and is just too stubborn to fix it.

I just don’t know what he is trying to accomplish with our defense right now.
The problem is I’m not sure he does either.
Even if he adjusts the game plan (gasp), and it works again and gets us into the tourney, it’s concerning that we have to play this little game season after season.
He is so determined to run his “system” he can’t get out of his own way.

We may be about to find out what our new AD is made of.

I really do wonder sometimes just how much film work is involved in their preparation for games. As well as Waters controlled the game in BWA even without scoring a whole lot you’d think the staff would go back and see where they went wrong and correct some things not just for the second meeting but in general with how you approach playmaking guards.

I will say I expected Waters to have a good game today. Not 27-11, but something similar to the game he had in January perhaps with a few more buckets. Especially with freshmen, there’s a certain comfort level playing at home. Considering he makes them go, I thought we’d see a couple of defensive wrinkles to make things difficult, but the individual gameplanning just doesn’t seem to be there.

Thanks Scottie for backing up for what gohoggohome put out… The other insiders won’t do that

Thanks Scottie for backing up for what gohoggohome put out… The other insiders won’t do that

This is my concern. He made the change last year and I was so happy he did. The problem is that he got sensitive when the media and people at banquets talked about going to more zone with less trapping. I saw it for myself when he showed his stubborn belief about his system at a banquet last year.

Like I said before I would love to watch a practice and just see what the crap we do work on!! I can tell you it ain’t blocking out! its not how to stay in front of your man to take away the drive! Gafford sure doesn’t look like he’s getting any coaching on post moves heck he drives from the left and tries to shoot with his Right Hand!!! DUH!!! I hate this team,they are playing horrible basketball and with this experience,no excuse for it!!!

Basically you have it right. All coach knows is trapping. He doesn’t understand defense so he never does what other SEC coaches do for defense. Why watch film, if you can’t understand it? There is a reason that it was raining 3s at LSU. Most teams have record shooting night when playing Arkansas. Their shooters stand at the three point line and no Razorback within 10 feet. With 2 second to shoot uncontested, of course they make the 3 point shot. Let Macon be open and uncontested for two seconds and he shoots 80 of his threes. However, other coaches understand defense and so our best shooters are never open for 2 second after catching the ball at the 3 point line. Also, coach probably heard the term blocking out, but doesn’t understand it and so he can’t teach it.

We would all love to catch a practice. After Mike - and sometimes players - have press conferences previewing games we can hear the guys practicing from the media workroom. Kind of frustrating we can’t peak in or check it out for even a few minutes. One of my favorite parts of my high school beats (FS Northside, Springdale High, Har-Ber) was going to check out practices to see how certain players were progressing and how game prep was coming along.

probably don’t want to see for a reason,the only I have ever seen is them running fast break drillls which we never get to use in a game because we never get a defensive rebound or a steal to get in the open court.

https://247sports.com/college/arkansas/ … des/837562

The truth hurts

There’s no reason to worry about this years team South Carolina will put 10 3’s through the hoop this week and score 50 and probably beat us and then Vandy may make 25 -3’s and out 100 on the hogs! They don’t listen! All of you should look at the players body language and see how happy they are after a play they do make and they fail to realize their getting beat! This team just don’t get it.
The problem isn’t the coach. You could go zone or man to man and this bunch wouldn’t play defense. They can’t spell defense.

Is there a coach on staff that focuses primarily on defense. Nowdays there are so many skilled ball handlers on teams which makes it difficult to score on a lot of transition opportunities. This team has LOTS of talent and can score with the best of teams but their defense is OFFENSIVE. Prior to the LSU games I heard that LSU’s 3 point shooting was bad and I knew when we played them it would get better quickly because of our defense. MA went into the game doubling up the down low and leaving 3 point shooters open. Good strategy until it was obvious that it would not work. Never really changed much. Beard and Hall are the only guards who put in effort in playing defense. Macon and Barford only want to play offense and both have the ability to play great defense but simply don’t play with much effort on the defensive end of the floor. MA needs to send some strong messages about defense and bench some great offensive players to show the the importance of defense. Barford gave up at least 5 open 3 pt shots when in the position to challenge the shooter by jumping straight up but he basically just stood there and reached. Love the team but everyone needs to play at both ends of the court.

Please identify a member of the current staff qualified to coach post players ? Please identify players ,past and present, that improve their skill level under the tutelage of this staff ? How did Austin Reeves ( sophomore starter and leading scorer in many games ) commit to Wichita State without consideration from Arkansas staff. If you’re not happy this year, just wait until next year and you’ll understand real disappointment. I feel for Gafford…, tremendous talent, freak athlete, and no coaching. The frustration is evident in his facial expressions !!!

Bobby Portis, Moses Kingsley and Michael Qualls definitely improved. Jabril Durham was better his SR year then his JR year and Dusty Hannahs was a much better player here then at Texas Tech. So there is 5 I thought of without doing any research.

Nolan’s philosophy concerning blocking out:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4TF_fx … &version=3

I remember when he first came to Arkansas and told reporters that he didn’t worry about blocking out as much as he wanted his teamt to just go get the ball that it didn’t go over well with a lot of fans who were so used to Sutton’s fundamentals. Just sayin’.


probably don’t want to see for a reason,the only I have ever seen is them running fast break drillls which we never get to use in a game because we never get a defensive rebound or a steal to get in the open court.

[/quote] Exactly like Nolan’s practices. I went to one in "94: they warmed up in layup lines then just ran a full court fast break scrimmage for the rest of practice.

NavyHog, you answered one of my questions. You identified 5 players that might have shown improvement in 7 years. Do you have a response to the remaining questions in my post ?

BBoy, at the time I was under the impression there was an issue with Reeves’ grades. Someone will know.

Melvin Watkins works with the Bigs. You have to admit he did a great job with Portis and Kingsley.

My question: Texas Tech’s great Point Guard Evans is the son of former Hog All American High Jumper Kenny Evans. His mother was an athlete at UAPB. Did our staff try to recruit him?

BB ignored some legacies in football recruiting. Hopefully, MA didn’t overlook this legacy.