Just once this season, I'd like to see

our Razorbacks put together a complete game. Win or lose, I think it would be a sight to see.

I just cannot imagine how fun it would be to see 4 quarters in a row like the 3rd quarter they showed us against Tennessee.

If I had my choice, I’d want it to be against Alabama, but that still might not be enough to win, but it would be one he11 of a game!! So I’ll settle for against Florida or LSU. Florida would be sweet as its in the swamp and not sure we’ve ever won there and they are off the high of beating Georgia. So I believe LSU will have to suffice. I just don’t think we can beat Florida on the road nor will the SEC officials allow us to HURT the SEC/NCAA championship possibilities like that.

I’m reminded of the Dos Equis commercial when it comes to LSU. “WE CAN’T ALWAYS BEAT A #1 TEAM IN FOOTBALL, BUT WHEN WE DO, ITS USUALLY LSU” LOL So while LSU will not be #1 this year… I think I’ll take a good complete smack down game against them. That would be nice.

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I am just hoping we finish 5-5 for the season, and then off
to a bowl game.

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I think it will happen before the end of the season - vs. LSU!!

That “perfect game” was 31-6 over Sooners in Orange Bowl or the 75 win over Aggies by same score. There were a few wins like that against Longhorns, too. Maybe not 4 quarters like 3rd but pretty good.


I hate it when people say “In order to beat so-and-so, we have to play a perfect game”. Because if that’s what it takes, chalk up a loss, that never happens. The games Clay mentions were close to perfect. But Oklahoma scored 6 points in our 31-6 beat down in the Orange Bowl, so we weren’t perfect. Villanova’s National Championship game against Georgetown is often called a perfect game, but as amazing as shooting 78% from the field is, it’s not 100%. I have no problem with “We’ll have to play a nearly perfect game”. Coaches do say that. But “We’ll have to play a perfect game”? Good luck with that.

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Clay that 31-6 Oklahoma rout Roland Sales and Jerry Ekwood come to mind but CLH suspended one of our star RBs for something during that game. I was thinking, ohhh wtg Holtz now we REALLY got a chance to win!!! What a game! Enlighten me please sir…

Not during but before the Orange Bowl was when the rb was suspended.

3 players were suspended. Most notably Ben Cowins-RB and Donny Bobo-WR.

Ben Cowins, Michael Forrest and Donny Bobo were all suspended following an unfortunate dorm incident. I do not think that Jerry Eckwood played in the Orange Bowl that night. I think he was injured at the time. Sales had a big night running through gaping holes opened up by our O-line.

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The only perfect game that I know about was on December 2, 1993, Mizzou at Arkansas in basketball. Years later I asked Corey Beck about that game. He said the Hogs couldn’t do anything wrong that night.


Considering how good Mizzou ended up being that year, I think you’re right. Clicking on every single cylinder

Total agree on the Orange bowl win against OU. A dominant performance and some of our players had been suspended

It’s a great indication that we’ve turned the corner in football when folks are worrying about winning big not just winning. I like it.

I was at that Orange Bowl game. Because of the suspensions, we were big underdogs. Before the game, the OU fans were so smug and arrogant. They just knew their team was going to blow us off the field.

Man, what a game. Sales was amazing. I think he set an Orange Bowl rushing record at the time. It was truly one of the best Razorback games I’ve ever seen. As we called the hogs all…night…long, it was great to see the OU fans quietly slink out of the stadium!

Several players suspended or hurt ahead of bowl trip.

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