Just noticed

Correct me if I’m wrong.

But does this class alone already have more Texas recruits than CBB signed in 5 years?
I can’t remember the number but was thinking I was some 4 or 5, and I do not count Sosa who played high school in Arkansas, but claims Texarkana, Tx.

Have to like the outlook on things.

Really like Myles Brooks, his offer list doesn’t jump at you, but he does on his tape. Looks very, very similar to Kam Curl.

I was listen to Bo’s Show and someone stated there were 10 players from Texas on roster when CCM took over the program.

I really like the way this class is filling up, long lanky recruits who can run. The class has the potential to produce some really fine players.

That is accurate.

not shocked at all he has incredible connections in Tx and why I have never understood why anyone could not like this hire!!

There was one year when the lone player signed with Texas ties with Cole Hedlund.

And among other things, probably says a lot about why talent went down the past few yrs. History shows over and over that Texas is very important to good Arkansas teams.

In Frank’s early years, they use to sing, “We don’t Give a Damn About the Whole State of Texas because We’re from Arkansas.” They gave that up in the mid 60s because as Frank said, they had so many Texans on the teams, and they were extremely important to the program. Now, University of Texas - - - That was a whole nother thing!!!

I remember a former Assistant Coach talking to the TD Club last season saying you could win Championships with the talent from Texarkana to Houston. May be a little stretch, but not much.

Never understood why the last staff did not get that, but as a result (partly), they are no longer here.

If the last staff had just been able to finish games with the talent we did have, they’d still be here, lack of Texans notwithstanding. Winning the fourth quarter didn’t happen enough. They didn’t and they aren’t and we move on.

I have consistently spoken of CM’s Texas Legend and connections. Traylor is almost an equal legend in Texas too. People forget the connections CM has in the SE US while he was at CLEMSON, so he has credibility from SC to AL. Obviousl the recent commitments have made a big difference in the potential of the program. These kids have not known a GOOD Hog FB team since 2011 when they were in 5th grade. We are going to get interest from better players from this point on. The quality of the recent commitments has created a buzz about us so kids will see the potential for the program to make a splash soon. I think OL recruiting will improve because they will want to play with the stud WR, RB and QB talent commits. If Jefferson and some of the stud WR’s call recruits then it will mean something now.

4 Texas top 100 players. I will take Texas top 100’s all day long.