Just not interested this year...

I cannot get excited about football at all this year.

Maybe that will change as we get closer.

Its a shame.

Still love the Hogs, just apathetic right now.

I’m always interested when mid-August rolls around. Mid-July? Not so much.

I get why the conference media days are when they are, but it’s too early to generate a maximum amount of interest.

New coaches, new narrative, new system, new plays - just a lot different.

But then again, I’m about the quotes and not the W-L record

I’m very excited!! just don’t have any outrageous expectations which is great because I don’t lose my mind as much when we lose LOL.

I understand what he is working with as far as no proven QB and an OL that on paper is not one of our best and that combination can be brutal but bringing in a new offense where the league doesn’t know your play calling tendencies combined with a lot of home games and a schedule that is not as tough gives me hope we can surprise some people.we will know what we got in week 2 at CSU.

Just make sure you keep your expectations tempered when we start 3-0. :wink:

You will be a little more excited the night of Sept 29 when we achieve a 4-1 record

I think i am more excited about defensive improvement than offense, as offense may struggle for a while…

4-1 heading into Alabama…

Not sure what I expect for W-L, but very excited to see our defense. I have hope that the offense will prove to be at least adequate if not better.

Interestingly, I could express those sentiments for the previous past several years. However, this year I am more excited than I have been since Petrino left. Look, it’s going to be a process for a year or two but I want to see it unfold. I even think the team has a chance to surprise this year to some degree. As Coach said, they are laying in the grass.

just no 50 to 10 blowouts and a competitive team would suit me but im not that excited either.

i think i heard Bazzel did some research and 1st year coaches at arkansas averaged something like 5-5, something like that. petrino’s first year was like that. coach b’s first was like that. john l smith, who cares. i think holtz had a good first year, don’t remembers hatfield’s or Broyle’s. nutt had a great first year.

its gonna take some time, 2020 is what we should shoot for. and then we’ll probably get georgia and florida as opponents from the east. just brutal i would imagine.

I’m somewhat the same way. I still have a baseball hangover. Just not excited about football because of low expectations. However, I am sure that will change as the season approaches. I am certain I’ll be excited if we start out well.

I think Morris and Chaney upset Jimbo and A&M. Does that make it 5-0 and headed to Bama?

I think I have a baseball hangover too.


First time back on the board for me since the loss.

I don’t have high expectations for the season, but I do think this team has some SEC quality talent and has the potential to be tough to beat. I’m curious to see if CCM is the next college coach that makes a splash. That’s my plan.


I’m finally excited again after Bert killed my interest levels since he was hired. The last few years had been hard to get up for. Knew we were going no where with that guy and called it from Day 1. Last year being such a disaster was likely a blessing since it signaled change.

Think Morris is a really good fit and should have a program we can all be proud of soon.

I am extremely interested. Seeing the new staff work and build is very interesting to me, although I worry over how bad we will look at times in the transition and how long it will take to build the new model.

On the other hand, I’m also interested because of the factors that are out there to make this an enjoyable year.

First, expectations are really low. The media has the lowest expectations for us since the Jack Crowe error/BB’s first year. We are getting tabbed by some as the worst team in the conference. The general opinion is that we don’t have enough talent to compete, and the players we have, as a group, can’t be very good in the new system.

It will be hard for us not to surprise some of the pundits if we do any better than 5-7. And that is very doable.

First, the schedule makes getting to a bowl game very doable. Michigan bailing on us left us with four games we should win, though UNT may be a scary shoot out. Our two weakest SEC opponents, Vandy and Ole Miss, are winnable home games. None of our SEC opponents has a bye the week before they play us, and several see Bama or LSU the week before our game.

Second, there is a pretty decent mix of underachieving, developing and returning holdover talent. In that respect this team looks a bit like HDN’s first team, which wildly over-achieved versus pre-season predictions. I’m not looking for ten wins, because the conference is so much tougher now, and the lack of depth in some spots(OL, LB, S) and talent at others(kicking and punting) will probably cost us at times. But there is a chance for this team to be a pleasant surprise.

too lazy to look it up, but what was Petrino’s record in the 1st year? All I remember is sitting in the Georgia Dome watching the Clemson - Alabama kickoff classic and seeing the Arkansas score for the 1st game coming up, with the Hogs really struggling to get a win over a small school. I seem to remember we finished the year beating LSU on late Td pass.

Were we 5-7 or thereabouts? I think we could see very similar growing pains this year although I think we have more talent than we are being given credit for.


5-7 is correct, thanks to Miracle on Markham II.

I agree with Duds. I like all the new things; it’s very exciting. I didn’t like drab ball over the past few years. It’s time for a bit of 40 minutes of Hell.

Arkansas also had last-minute comeback wins over Western Illinois and Louisiana-Monroe the first two weeks of the season. Petrino’s teams typically were really good late in close games; it was the difference in about three wins each season, on average.

Compare that to Bielema’s first season when Arkansas had late-game collapses against Rutgers, Mississippi State and LSU. That, too, was a pattern we saw repeated over the next few seasons.

How will Arkansas perform in close games this season? That could be an indicator of Morris’ future success or lack thereof. The ability/inability to win close games has made or broken many head coaches.