Just not a very good basketball team right now..

They consistently go into long shooting slumps.

The coaching staff just did an absolutely horrendous job preparing them for a good rebounding team.

The officials obviously were dirty, they called everything on Arkansas, if aTm had hit their FT’s they would have won by 23-25 pts.

Just embarrassing really, I could see Arkansas finishing 7-11 in SEC play, getting outed in the first round of the SEC tourney, and one and done in the NCAA tourney or maybe even the NIT. LSU may score 100 on them Saturday, the way they lit them up in Fayetteville.

So what’s new? The coaching staff rarely has them prepared to play as they should. This team has some talent but it is not being utilized.

I just want to see the hogs play sound defense. We rotate ourselves out of position and leave the other team’s bigs on our littles under the rim and our bigs at the top of the key leaving the basket wide open. Also, its been clear that when another team is “in a slump” then Arkansas has become the rebound team to jump start their shots again. We leave the 3 wide open for easy buckets.

I would like to see Gafford come off the bench. Not questioning his talent but when he became a starter in the lineup before SEC play we just haven’t been what we were at the beginning of the season. Gafford & Macon coming off the bench would be a great way to boost the bench production as we’ve seen with Macon already. Just MHO, love the hogs and haven’t lost faith. We’re a good team with good players. Hall is the man and look forward to a few more years with him! WPS!!!

Virtually every team goes into shooting slumps during a game, so that’s not really a point.

The rebounding I’ll agree with you. Not saying we didn’t have a plan, but my fears of our big men getting pushed around by bigger bodied A&M bigs came true. It is what it is. We needed our guards to help out on the tipped rebounds and it just never happened or could

The officials were terrible, like I expected they would be. They took points away consistently from Arkansas, but again, it’s what I expected.

I’m honestly not embarassed by last night, just frustrated. I expected the officiating but the run we had to erase a 20 point defecit to 9 made me want to pull my hair out because it should have been so much bigger. Thomas and Thompson both missed wide open players for easy 2’s, that would have put us down at the most 5 points with about 6 minutes to play. The momentum swing on those plays would have been crucial to finish, but it didn’t happen.

Of the games we have left, the next 3 are very winnable. I don’t expect the LSU game to be the same as earlier, that was just abnormal for us. SC and Vandy are very beatable and games where Gafford should be able to regain his momentum. I would include Ole Miss as a good shot, but they are undefeated at home and playing very well there. So the possibility of getting to 10 wins is very doable, but we will also need to beat a top ranked Kentucky or Auburn to do it.

I just have no idea why Beard gets so many minutes!! He’s absolutely terrible!!
What was he again last night? 2-9 from the field?? What was he against OK ST, 2-11?? What’s he shooting in Conf play this year??..30%!! 20% from deep!!

He’s not a great ball handler, not a great passer, he’s tiny (only 6-1) so he’s not able to be a very good defender, can’t rebound, can’t shoot. What in the world is he doing playing 36 mins a game??? Let me guess…because he’s a SR?? Well I’m sorry but if your a bum your a bum and being older isn’t going to help that. Play CJ more, play Hall more. But Beard absolutely can’t be on court that many minutes, it’s killing us!!!

If he has a random good game then keep him in but he should not start!! He should not be in more than 18 Mins a game, Period!! Unless he gets randomly hot.

I agree with you dubs, I guess it’s a loyalty think with Coach A and Beard. I agree that when he puts up a shot I simply expect it to clank off of the rim most of the time just like when Thomas decides that he should put up a jump shot.
As for some that look at our upcoming schedule and see winnable games, don’t you think that those teams see Arkansas on their upcoming schedule and see the same winnable game?
Coach A knows the blueprint to winning at Arkansas and he has to put together a roster with some “MEN” in the paint or it will never happen.

Go Hogs!


That’s not totally true.

I’ll agree with you the last two games, he’s slipped up and made some bad errors. And I still don’t know why Anderson pulled Jones out of the OSU game and kept in Beard, especially with Jones knocking down shots, but it is what it is.

The flip side of that is, he’s made some big momentum buckets for us in a lot of games. He’s a good passer and a scrappy defender, but you’re right, his height and lack of speed have put us at a disadvantage sometimes.

He’s far from a bum. He’s a good glue guy for the team. He’ll be fine and so will we.

Ok, let’s say he is a “glue guy” as you stated. He’s still an undersized, poor shooting glue guy. Look at his shooting efficiency this year, it’s garbage man.
And no glue guy, especially the poor shooting ones, deserve that many minutes. He doesn’t need to start, period!! Be the backup PG for Barford. Give him those minutes and some of the backup Mins for Macon. That’s all he deserves!

Undersized he can’t help.

He averages 10 points a game and is shooting 38%. Nothing to write home about but it’s not garbage either. I’ll agree his 3 point percentage is very bad at 29%, but everything else and FT’s are pretty good.

He absolutely needs to start because who are you going to pull from the bench to take his spot? Macon would be the only real good option, so by your logic, you’re taking our best off the bench player back into the starting lineup when he’s helping our bench production, and putting who you call a terrible shooter into our bench. That leaves a hole in our production and rotation.

And Barford and Macon are already pushing the limit on minutes, so I don’t now what minutes not starting Beard would create for either.

First of all, your wrong.
He’s not shooting 38% in Conf play as I stated. In SEC play look it up, it’s actullay around 30%. In fact, might be less after last night. In SEC play his 3 pt shooting is still dreadful. In SEC play his pts per game are down as well. Everything is down. He’s not an SEC caliber starter, period!!

First of all, you didn’t say SEC play, you said for the year, so I’m not wrong. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basket … ats/_/id/8

And those stats include last night. The only thing I see right about what you said was his point production in SEC play, but again that’s everybody on every team because they are playing better competition. Shoot, Trae Young was averaging in the 40’s before conference play, now he’s averaging slightly above 30. Does that make him a bad player?

I don’t want to keep arguing over nonsense but clearly you only read what you want to see…
Look back at my original post, where I posted his percentages. I said Conf play!! Very easy to read.

The only reference you made earlier in the discussion on shooting percentage in SEC play was Beard’s 3 point %. Again, I’m not arguing that point. But the comment I was referencing in my previous reply, you stated Beard’s % for the year, not just SEC play and just 3 point %. So again, you’re point is fallacious.

And bro, to even compare Trae Young and Beard is a travesty. 42% or whatever in Conf play when your leading the nation in Scoring and Assists is unheard of. Beard is shooting 30% in Conf play, 20 something % from 3 and avg’n like 7 a game in SEC play. He’s horrible.

I feel bad for you that you even mentioned those 2 guys in the same breath, like they have anything at all in common. Ones a a guaranteed Top 5 pick in the NBA draft next year, the other is a guaranteed Top 5 pick nowhere…including overseas.
Those 2 have 0 in common!!

Beard also leads Trae in counterfeit money felonies too. 1-0

And once again your clearly lying. Look at my original post bro. Good lord. I said in Conf play he’s shooting 30%!! Clear as day!! What’s wrong with you??

“What’s he shooting in Conf play this year??..30%!! 20% from deep!!”

From deep means from 3 everywhere I’ve ever lived or any discussion I’ve ever had. Unless you meant it to include all his shooting, you need to clarify a little better.

I maybe a lot of things, but a liar I am not.

Haha! Dude are you ok??? Do you not see the 30% that you even posted yourself. Before I said and 20% from deep. ??

Do you not see that?? Smh. What’s he shooting in Conf play …30%!! And from deep 20%!!
What in the world are you not seeing!! Hahahaha

Again, you need to be more clear. And you’re still wrong, so like you said, what’s the point.

Beard is in there because he’s one of the few guys who actually runs the system in the half court. It’s the same thing with Trey Thompson. Both of them are not extremely talented guys, but they do run the system. They are far from bums. Truth be told: they would be EXCELLENT guys to lead a second team off of the bench on a good team. But, for now, they are the best options we have.

Note: I’m not saying they run it well; I’m saying they are one of the few guys who actually run the system, however.

When Macon is dialed in, he can run the system just fine. But, both Macon and Barford are guilty of relying on isolation that goes nowhere and just terrible shot selections. Talk about forcing it. I love Barford for his grit, but damn, slow down a little bit and don’t force the play so much.

On a side note: did anyone else catch Gafford getting noticeably upset about not getting fed the ball in the post? It was just before he got fouled and did that really hard, but meaningless, dunk after the whistle.

His position down low wasn’t really that bad. They just refuse to feed him the ball even when he gets position. At some point, you’re going to have to let him get better down low. He’s just not maturing.

I’ll still root for my Hogs.