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I didn’t think at the beginning of the season that we had any shot at 20 wins. How could you when you basically just replaced Gafford with Whitt? Still, here we are. Probably gonna improve on last year’s record, with the only appreciable addition BEING Jimmy Whitt. The same Jimmy Whitt that, inexplicably, left Mike Anderson’s (a family friend) team, after his freshman year. I have no idea what lead to that, just like I have no idea why Darious Hall left his home state school to go to to the mighty powerhouse that is DePaul…DePaul? I also have no idea why Coach A didn’t turn Miss St into the the NCAA when it was blatantly obvious that Reggie Perry was bought and paid for. Don’t know why Jacourey Williams and CJ Jones thrived once they left Fayetteville? Don’t know why, when it became obvious how good Isaac McBride had become, that he wasn’t pursued harder? I am not dogging Coach A. I absolutely love the man. He is family to me. But I think he got too comfortable here. I do not think we would have Devo signed or Moody and Jaylin committed if Coach A was still here. Again, just my opinion. Had Daniel come back, with a coach who knows how to put athletic bigs in the pick and roll, we would undoubtedly have a better record this year. But he didn’t, and we don’t. All that being said, I am surprised and impressed with the record we have this year. I absolutely hate losing, and I really hate missing the tournament, but I like what I see from Muss. Anything we did this year was just gonna be gravy anyway. What I am extremely excited about is next year and the years beyond!

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How can someone bring up every negative point about someone then say they love them then say they are family… I wouldn’t want to be apart of that family. I disagree, I fully expected this team to win at or around 20 games with all the returning experience. I believe our talent is as well as most of the teams in the league.

You are right, The fact that most miss is that last year’s team had 8 players that were newcomers to P6 play, six of them freshmen and this year we are the only SEC team with zero freshmen. One year of experience makes huge difference. Even Musselman said that his introduction conference saying that the biggest improvement a player makes is between his freshman and sophomore seasons.

One thing I do agree with Jeremy is that we should not pin any losses on Muss this year. This year, wins are on Muss and losses are on Mike. That is the way it has always worked in the first year of a new coach,

That’s not quite my view.

I look for general improvement from the beginning until the end. Now, that was a bit tough to consider this season because one of our stars (with special skills), Joe, was hurt for several weeks later in the season (and didn’t play, too). But, I just didn’t see general improvement in the team, or at least as much as I assumed I’d see.

Some improved. Sills improved; but Harris regressed. But, as a whole, I didn’t see the team improve. One could argue, we were better in December.

I don’t love Mike… don’t know him to love. I like that Mike came back and gave it his all. I do agree with jeremy’s assessment because most of it is based on what happened with the players involved and although we don’t the why’s in most cases, they occurred. The fact that Muss is a better coach than Anderson still seems to bother a lot of people, but many are excited about the future.

The NCAA averaged almost 3 transfers per team last year. It’s highly unlikely in a 7-man rotation that we are going to see a big difference in transfer rate. So get prepared. It’s just modern college basketball. Some of those guys were also ushered out the door for off-the-court stuff. Furthermore, you don’t know what would have happened with those players if they had stayed under Anderson. Dusty Hannahs after a year off was a much better player under Anderson than Tubby Smith, who is a very respected coach. If Durham and Bell had transferred after lackluster junior seasons and had the same exact senior seasons, it would have looked like they were much better players after they left Arkansas. Bell went from a career best best 35% from the arc to 44% despite more attempts, less talent around him, and more attention from the defense. Players get better, especially with a year off.

The computers looked at our roster before the season and generally put us in the mid-40’s, which is usually just inside the bubble. That’s where we were headed until Joe missed an extended number of games. So, nothing that has happened has been terribly surprising one way or the other.

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