Just more reason to dislike Will Wade

Will may be busy trying to get refunds from all of those players he “strong ass offered” who then failed to reach the upper third of the SEC race. Maybe he got a “money back guarantee” from them and it is time for some take back?

Yes Will Wade has a lot going on! In the back of his mind he is wondering when the time bomb blows up and he is in the unemployment line! That NCAA thing has a “Show Cause “ in the back ground that’s going to get the gangster Will Wade!

Yes, I know they decided to foul one more time down 10 with 24 seconds left. I’ve seen teams do that but at the point they could have stopped fouling.

I was referring to Toney getting the rebound and going coast to coast unguarded for the dunk when all 5 of their guys had stopped. Wasn’t a big deal to me because of who we were playing. Otherwise, it wasn’t a great look (but great for a rivalry) and I’m sure it was addressed.

I doubt Coach Muss cared.

Agree. The game was over but LSU just wanted more punishment, so we gave it to them.

they were super aggressive the last couple minutes, with the game well over. very aggressive offensively banging into us, blocking out super aggressively, after one FT some dude almost pushed Jaylin under the basket. then the hard foul on JD very late in the game. if you pull that crap, then you can’t whine if the other team dunks on you.

is it somehow ok to beat the crap out of your opponent until 17 seconds remain, then you decide to back off and they keep playing? did we sign an armistice to play hard as heck for 39:43, but to leave each other alone for the final 17 seconds?

and I am not sure our players or coaches enjoyed their player standing and glaring over JD, or Wade smiling like the Joker at that player immediately after.

I cannot believe that anyone could watch that game, or this rivalry, and have any worries about us rubbing their faces in it , a little bit.



It didn’t bother me and it certainly doesn’t worry me. I actually really enjoyed it because of the fact it was LSU and Wade. Both teams played hard and physical. Like you said, they are a rival to us and maybe this helps them start to admit we are more of one to them as well. Any team other than LSU and Auburn, once all 5 of theirs stopped playing defense on the last possession as they did, we would have likely also stopped trying to score, as is the normal custom. A rival is one you rub it in when you get the chance.

That’s why I said I didn’t see any issue here in response to fact that we are now supposed to hate Wade even more. I dislike him already. And I don’t blame them for still trying to score and foul to stop the clock until the last 20 seconds. I don’t blame us for dunking on a rival when they did finally concede. And I don’t blame Wade for blowing off Muss’ apology, explanation, or whatever at the end. Muss has and likely would have done the same in defeat. He hates to lose, too, which is just part of what makes him great.

Yeah, that kinda stuff doesn’t bother me, being a “sore loser” is maybe a good quality for a coach. Nobody, not even Wade the “strong asss”, hates to lose worse than Muss. That being said, WW is entertaining but not a very good guy. A turd I think was previously posted. And quite possible that was his last sec game as HC for LSU.

It should be his last game to ever coach in the NCAA.
If Wade doesn’t get a show cause they need to close the NCAA!
The AD could put together a committee to run the Dance and the Football playoff and save money by cutting those jobs!

Yes, if you full-court press with 11 seconds left and down that much in the score, you get what you ask for.

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They did press with 23 seconds left and down ten, trying to steal and then foul (actually fouled Notae at 23 seconds but it wasn’t called and took them six more seconds to catch him), but there was no full court press or defense with 11 seconds left. Toney got the rebound at that point and took it the length of the court as all 5 backed off

LSU player rebounded Notae’s missed free throw with 17 seconds left, drove down the floor and went hard to the basket. There was no let up from them at that point, so don’t see why Toney should have when he rebounded the LSU miss with 6 seconds left.

You don’t think the blue bloods have been winning with bought players for decades? Are they cheating too? Krzyzewski has benefitted from this system as much as anyone and he was just granted sainthood upon retirement. Was he a “cheating scumbag”? Wade may be the equivalent of a street thug but is that so much worse than the mob bosses (blue bloods)?

And is it really so despicable if most everyone was doing it to one extent or another and it was widely unenforced… and has now been basically legalized via NIL?

With all that money at LSU and getting those 4 and 5 star players, the man shows he can’t coach. Sooner or later LSU will get tired of throwing away their money. Wade will get a strong @ss offer from a division 2 school.

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