Just mentally

not tall enough on the road. Just go into the fetal position.

Overwhelmed before the games even start. Mentally crash. Never seen a team consistently scared to death on the road. Brick layers every time. Pucker big time.


Hard to find a more winnable road game left on the schedule. They were a perfect matchup for us, average at best guard play, don’t shoot the 3 well, literally just play a bunch of zone and collapse on Maten.


If they can show up to start a game, and clean up the unforced dumb stuff. They can be great.

They showed incredible character and heart tonight. Nice win.

Not you too, Gas!

I thought they showed great character and heart. Great comeback and win. But they made themselves dig deep and show great character and heart. They gotta show up to start games, clean up the dumb stuffs. They make it hard on themselves… a lot. Heck off a finish!

maybe just maybe that will get them over the hump on the road…hopefully some of the young ones grew up tonight.

Gafford didn’t score, 10/15 asst to to ratio, out rebounded by 10, doubled up at the FT line.

Not sure how we won that game. A win is a win but that wasn’t a formula for future success.

Who cares? I mean really.

We also won and didn’t get in the bonus until 2.2 in the second OT.

We also won despite 2 really iffy late fouls.

I’ll give the refs credit for mostly letting the 2 teams play. I like that. It’s part of how we were able to pressure and come back.

But, I’m just happy that we found a way. Any road win RB the SEC is big. UGA isn’t great but they do have the probable SEC POY and he shot SIXTEEN FTs and a 56% FT shooter drained 2 to tie with 5.5 left and we still won.

This team is not going to be pretty on the road. But if we win 2-3 more on the road our overall resume is gonna look good.

TAMU is playing better but they’re beatable and LSU looks to be coming back down to Earth.

Tonight was huge. I’m gonna enjoy every last ugly bit of it.

I was surprised Thompson got away with the blocked shot with 2.2 left. It was definitely clean but playing in their house and blocking their best player’s game-winning shot? Surprised no whistle was blown. Big win!

Yes and it was one that’s often called as an anticipation foul even if it’s clean. Good job by the refs on that and correctly calling Maten out of bounds.

Many times the refs won’t make that call late in the game. Must abmit I was a little surprised as well.