Just make the Tournament as Arkansas always should

Coach Muss has us playing with historic like pride and it is great.

We are undermanned and need more talent.

But this is so fun to watch.

Just make the dance.

Muss just needs to get the team to understand yesterday was just one loss. Focus on what’s coming, win 7 of the remaining games and the tourney should be in play. Barring injury, it can definitely happen.

I’m gonna disagree, need to win 9

You’re saying we need 12 SEC regular season wins to make the NCAAT?

No. We still have 1 NC game left (TCU, it’s a must win for SEC). And we have at least 1 SECT game. Only winning 7 more puts us at:

21-11 (on selection Sunday), 9-9 conference record, and 4-10 road/neutral record, 0-1 SECT

The only time we’ve won 20 and not gone dancing was 2013-14, we finished 21-11, 10-8 conference, and 5-9 road/neutral record, 0-1 SECT.

My 9 wins makes us 23-10, 10-8 conference, 6-9 road/neutral, 1-1 SECT

Thanks for the clarification. I think that’s a reasonable take.

I think 22 (8 wins) puts us firmly on the bubble, but I think we would be sweating pretty good.

I think 9 would firmly put us in, however I think we finish with more than nine wins. If not I will be disappointed.

Baked. If say we finish 9-9. Do we need to win 2 in the SEC Tournament to get in ?

I am not sure:

I think the key is the road/neutral site record. In 2013-14 we finished at 5-9. We were 5-7 going into the final regular season game (@ Bama). All of the experts said if we had won that game, we would have danced. That means the worst possible finish and still make the dance would have been for us to be 22-10, 11-7 SEC, 6-8 R/N site, and 0-1 SECT.

If we finish 9-9 SEC, we would be 4-9 (assuming we win all our home games) in R/N games going into the SECT. Winning 2, would give us 6 R/N wins (6-10 losing the semis or championship game of the SECT). Would make our worst possible record this year 22-12, 9-9 SEC, 6-10 R/N, and 2-1 SECT. I think we’d be sweating profusely.

Anything better than 22 wins should hit those better than 2013-14 bench marks. My scenario puts us at 23 wins and gives us wiggle room.

I will say this, in 2013/14 the SEC was considered the #7 conference. We were at #5/6 this year, depending on which site you look at. That’s why, to me, the TCU game is so big, if we win that, the SEC at least draws (5-5) in the SEC/B12 challenge. That means (IMO) we at least need those same bench marks 21-11, 10-8 SEC, 5-9 R/N. If we beat TCU, to be 10-8 in conference, we’d have to have 22 wins. It also means we’d be 5-8 R/N going into the SECT. Having a better conference helps.

I still think if we finish in the Top 5 of SEC and get a Top 25 win in the remainder of the season, that coupled with our road wins at Indiana and Georgia Tech will get us in. Assuming the record is decent, resume wins play a bigger role than actual records, don’t they.

I agree with your analysis if Top 25 wins are missing.

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