Just made it to Pebble Beach for the US Open

Who’s everybody liking? Living in Sacramento, get out here at least once a year and this area and course never gets old.

Lucky you. Spent my honeymoon many years ago in San Francisco, Carmel, and Lake Tahoe. Had lunch at Pebble Beach clubhouse. 17 mile drive was awesome. Didn’t get to play. We drove up to clubhouse at Cypress, 2 cars in the lot and 3 guys had just teed off walking down first fairway. Went inside, whoever was in the clubhouse asked where I was from and I answered Little Rock and he said I’m from Hot Springs. Said if you had been here 15 minutes earlier you could have met Clint Eastwood. He was one of the three that had just teed off. Awesome scenery. Jealous.

In answer to your question. I picked Xander.

Love Carmel and that whole area. When I lived in San Diego I’d get there at least once a year. Did the 17 mile drive on my bike once… beautiful but brutal on the back side - narrow roads and never ending hills!

Trying to pick a winner out of the field is a tough proposition for a PGA event, even a major. I picked Justin Rose to win the Masters and the guy didn’t make the cut. Now, today Rose is leading the U.S. Open after round one. Golf is a fickle game and a mental game.

I am pulling for Little Rickie Fowler. He is a really good young guy and great for the game of golf. He is a great talent, but a lot of great players have never won a major. He needs to put himself into contention Sunday and have a couple of things go his way.

I have been considering taking my wife to Carmel for our anniversary. It has to be one of the most beautiful locales in the world.

Also pulling for Fowler too.
Enjoyed playing PB in the early 90s when I attended Naval Postgraduate School. The whole Monterey area is gorgeous. $$$$ but beautiful. Best weather is in the Fall. Enjoy your visit!!


Not a bucket list guy but Pebble Beach would be on it if I did. Enjoy.

I’ve played Pebble three times, and have had the privilege of playing Cypress Point once. That whole area is magnificent, I love to visit, but couldn’t afford a house, lol.

I hope Fowler wins!

I too am pulling for Fowler!

I’m rooting for my man Phil…he’s a little like Ahab chasing the big fish at this point when it comes to the U.S. Open, but as long as he chases I’ll root for him.

Phil is my favorite player…he is like cheering for the Razorbacks. He is a lovable guy, but he will break your heart. He had a couple of Opens taken from him by other guys, but he also blew two or three of them with dumb decisions. Bones should have taken that driver from him on 18 at Winged Foot and broken it over his knee.

If Phil had the head for golf of a Jack or a Tiger, he certainly would have won 3-4 more majors, but he doesn’t. He is the ultimate thrill seeker, gambler who just doesn’t know when to dial it down, but we love him anyway. He is a character.

Could not have said it better myself…

Brooks is my man…

Koepka has certainly proven himself to be the world’s best player. He played great golf in this U.S. Open. Nobody hit it better…Brooks just didn’t putt as well as Gary Woodland. Woodland and Koepka are very similar players who are athletic and powerful with touch. The game is changing…bigger guys who are better athletes are coming into golf from all over the world. I am waiting for the 6’-6" 275 pound dude who hits it about 400 yards, but has the soft hands and a great short game. It is coming, maybe not soon, but it is coming. A guy like LeBron James…who takes up golf instead of basketball.

I don’t follow golf much any more, but Phil remains just about my least favorite player. He has always struck me as (a) a complete phony and (b) displaying incredibly poor judgment. He’s won a lot of tournaments, but he could have won many more if he weren’t so hardheaded. Almost as big a waste of talent as John Daly.

I was a member at Sherbrooke in Lake Worth, FL and Brooks’ dad played there and know him well. I never met Brooks but did play with his brother (he’s on the European Tour) and he can hit it long like big brother. They are a down-to-earth family and easy to cheer for.

Swine, I get your opinion on Phil…a lot of people feel like you do. He is somewhat of an enigma, but I still like him even though I have never met him and really don’t know what he is like. He is a know it all, but so was Jack Nicklaus. Nicklaus’ nickname was Carnac, based upon Johnny Carson’s old character. He knew the answer before you asked the question.

I would guess that Phil has grown up as an individual, but he was an arrogant, self-entitled jerk when he was young. My cousin used to work as a volunteer at one of the golf tournaments in the Dallas area. Phil and his then girl friend were quite rude and bossed around the volunteers. I’ve forgotten some of the story, but there was no call for his behavior.

LOL - To suggest Mickelson is almost “as big a waste of talent as John Daly” is asinine.

Mickelson has won 46 events worldwide including 44 PGA tour wins which is 9th best of all time. Of these five are major championships, one Players Championship, and three WGCs. He’s the 2nd leading money winner all time on the PGA tour, a world golf hall of famer, and the list goes on and on. John Daly has won 6 events worldwide including two majors before his career imploded due to his drinking, etc.

To suggest the two have underperformed in similar fashion is one of the goofiest things you’ve ever said and that is saying something.

No doubt the verdict here. :sunglasses:

Maybe the definition of almost is interpreted differently :lol: