Just looked at today's box score

39 at bats, 15 hits. That’s a .384 BA in Omaha.

Our post season offensive output to date is nothing short of amazing!

Game 3 in the super we were 11 for 32. Which is not bad (.343) but it ain’t .384. Game 1 vs the Poultry was 10 for 28 (.357).

Since you mentioned postseason output:
ORU 14 for 37 (.378)
USM 13 for 37 (.351)
DBU 7 for 31 (.226)
Poultry game 2 10 for 37 (.270)

NCAAT total: 80 for 241 (.331)

…and of course, the all important stat of Runs scored, which is (combined SECT, Regional, Super, 1st gm CWS) 8.5 per game.

We are the best team in the CWS, now all we have to do is play like it…

…at the plate. Both have under-achieved compared to last year offensively. They are certainly over achieving bigtime on defense.

The OBP was .467.


The OBP was .467.

[/quote]And, it appeared that the killer instinct subsided after the sixth inning (i.e., the stats could have been greater).

Our recent surge has us back as the number 1 hitting offense in the SEC (for the season). Surprising thing, to many I’d think, is that the team we supplanted at the top was NOT Florida (who the talking heads often label as “the best hitting team in the SEC”) - it was Ole Miss, whose season is over and they finished at .300 even. We were also at .300 (even) following the regionals (where Ole Miss was eliminated), but we’re now at .302. I was surprised to see that Florida is ninth in the SEC at .276. And, yes - they “lead” the SEC with 97 HR’s to our 95; but they have played 3 more games (none of which were in Omaha, where we’ll have to play the remainder of our games if we are to “catch” them in games played). So we actually lead in HR per game, even if just slightly.

Some may also remember that I made a post here about two months ago identifying our problems with men LOB and - in particular - under-performance batting with the bases loaded. At that time, we were LAST in the SEC in the latter, averaging around .240 even though our overall average was north of .300. I suggested then that regression to the mean might . . . might result in our catching up to that number over the course of the season, perhaps when we needed it most. Those chickens have come home to roost during our NCAA run with Shaddy’s base-clearing double vs. S. Carolina, and our assault of the Longhorns in the 6th inning yesterday. Our bases loaded batting average now sits at .301, right where you’d think it would be.

Do you want to see consistency? Our overall BA is .302. With the bases loaded - .301. With the bases empty - .303. With runners on base (all) - .302. Against right handed pitching - .303. Against left handed pitching - .302.

This team flat out hits the ball, no matter the situation, in a remarkably consistent way.

You can crunch the numbers any way you want too and it shows a few things the hogs are hitting the ball really well, they are scoring a lot of runs and leaving a lot of runners on base!
The hogs are dangerous!