Just looked at Ohio State's depth chart

Guess who’s not on the 2 deep? Meanwhile, last I checked, we have a pretty good stable of WR’s on the hill. Seems like a lot of the drama we went through 2 years ago wasn’t really all that necessary eh?

The depth chart posted at tOSU website (so I guess it’s the official one for now) lists THREE WR positions and a total of 7 players. None of them are MJ’s stepson. The roster lists 14 WRs (we also list 14). His roster bio mentions he had a hand injury in the spring but took part wearing a cast.

Oops. See now that official depth chart is the one from the end of last season. No wonder he’s not listed. Urban Blight mentioned yesterday at a presser that there is a rotation of four guys at one WR spot that includes Drama Kid. The current starter at that spot went to the same high school as LeBron James, if anyone cares. (Now there’s a guy who could have been a heckuva receiver, but he’s doing OK at his current gig too).

“Urban Blight!” :lol:

and of course OSU just landed 2 5 star WR yesterday

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://www.scout.com/college/ohio-state … s-k-j-hill”>http://www.scout.com/college/ohio-state/story/1697363-freshman-focus-k-j-hill</LINK_TEXT>

I think we should let this one go. Let the young man live the life he has chosen, whatever his name was. There were good reasons he didn’t want to stick around. We’re fine at WR. Better than fine.


First TD of the season for the Buckeyes is JT Barrett to KJ Hill for a 47 yard TD

Saw that TD. Wish KJ well. We are just as loaded at WR without him. #WPS