Just look at this!

This is not acceptable. We need an investigation going on in the SEC officiating. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. First the LSU game, and now this. If I was CMA, he’s got to go get fined and make a big deal about this, you can’t let your young guys bust their butts that hard and get screwed over. The refs literally missed 3 calls on the same play against Kentucky. Missed the intentional foul on Herro pushing Joe in the face. Missed the player run the baseline, and then missed the ball being out on the elbow of the Kentucky player. Either your cheating or incompetent, there’s no in between. Somebody needs to get fired over this.


I feel you Blu…it’s a bunch of crap.

But it’s not the reason we lost the game. We were up 15 and they shut us down. MA made no adjustments and that lead went away and KY never really looked back.

And what’s messed up about this is they went to monitor to check clock, so they seen this, on a flagrant foul like this that’s unnecessary and a danger to the player you can still make that call. You have national media now talking about how bad this was.


Who was that white haired ref???

YEah, I can shut down college players if I’m allowed to grab them everytime they try to move.

I’m pretty sure Mike coached us to the 15 point lead. And what adjustments would you have made to beat this team of highly paid 5 star players?

Give Mike credit for having them ready tonight.

This game was coached well.

You can gripe about many other games but this one was coached and played well. If the field was level we win. But that’s life in the SEC.

See… now that’s a bunch of crap. They are the #4 team in the nation stacked with future McDonald-All Americans and future NBA players, you thought they wouldn’t make a run, and we’d beat them by 20? We played well enough to beat them… most people thought we’d get blown out by 20+ points, most figured we’d have to play great just to have a chance and we did, and the refs took that away. Even first half they were cheating and giving Kentucky all the tick-tack calls, we were in the penalty with 10+ minutes left in the first half. You can’t seriously expect them to beat Kentucky and the refs, that’s nonsense. CMA had a great game plan, if we get just 1 of the 3 missed calls, we probably would have won that game. That flagrant was huge, we would have got 2 shots, and the ball!

It was coached well in the first half.

In the 2nd half, why didnt the ball run through post more, instead of of the dribbling and poor shooting(31%).

Game of 2 halves and we didn’t have the leadership or coaching to keep it from getting away from us.


Stop blaming the refs. It’s a cop out. When you have a lead like that, you don’t let them back in. That’s all coaching and game management.

That play was review from the SEC office!
Go figure.
Free throws hogs 10/15
cats. 22/32
That’s your ball game!
We missed 4 critical free throws coming down the stretch. We had role plays Harris, Gabe and Adrio go 0/14 from the field.
That’s what killed the hogs. Joe was held and grabbed the whole second half.
They had a chance to win and blew it.
We were lucky they played hard and were close. They played one of the best teams in the country that money can buy!!!

Oh hush! We’ve been down like that and come back many times with Anderson. I’m not saying the officials cost us, but they certainly manipulated the outcome.

Yea man, it’s easy to get back in the game when you can tackle guys and travel directly in front of the ref. But, keep up the “coaching and game management” argument… :roll:


That jump ball call was atrocious!!!

He never even had the ball, just Joe’s shoulders.

Look at Jimmy Dykes…


What a joke.

What did Jimmy say that wasn’t true?

Go away, nobody wants to talk to you. You’ve been officially blocked by me, have a good night.


All of my 59 years of life I have experienced horrible officiating. First it was the SWC and then the SEC. Most of us on this board can provide an endless list of bad calls…so horrendous it is either sheer incompetence, prejudice or $$$. To date our ADs and coaches have failed to achieve any change in the trend. Very frustrating.


Dykes is a total jerk and he continues to show it! He loves the cats and is just as much a Greaseball as Calipari.

Took awhile to find, but here is the officials and their records for KY (not counting tonight):

TV Teddy Valentine: 43-15 74.1% KY win%
Mike Nance: 43-16 72.8% KY win%
Brian O’Connell (the white haired dude) 4-0 (now 5-0) 100% KY win%

Wonder what Mike thinks of Mr. O’Connell?