Just listening to Muss

In his presser today, and his radio show at Sassy’s, it seems like he may have had a change of heart about pushing his guys to the pros. He mentioned Tate and Smith really struggling to even get paid playing overseas. It really sounded like both of them wished they had come back (as do we). He also mentioned the Martin twins really benefiting by coming back for another year at Nevada. My point is, there is no guarantee JD and Toney won’t be back next year. With NIL, they could potentially make more money than they could in the G-LEAGUE or overseas, and Muss said as much. I’m not sure Mason or Moses could have helped themselves by coming back, but I’m pretty sure Isaiah thinks about it…a lot.

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well JD was talking about Umude,Wade and Lykes graduating and he said they are all great players and WE are really going to miss them.It will interesting to see what he does.


Well some folks are going to have to go, we have signed at least 5 new players right?

The old bench will get trimmed! Devo and J Williams will it should be back and if the others that play a lot of minutes decide to come back addition by subtraction will have to take place.

Who has to leave? Is it just Stan? Wade?

Umude, Wade and Lykes are done. Notae and Toney can come back.

is there a link to an archived version of Muss’s show? I always miss it live…

Which show or lost or pregame are you taking about. Sassey’s got it. I missed that one too!

Lykes only played two games last season, so thought maybe a redshirt, and this is only Wades fourth season to play and only 5 season overall. Would think under super senior they’d each get another year?

You get six years to play five with the COVID waiver. This is Lykes’ fifth year playing. I guess a medical hardship for that year at the U is possible, but UA put out the info that this was his last year.

So that means wade does have another year?

Yep this is year four for Wade. He gets year five.

This is it for Wade, Lykes, and Umude. Only JD and Toney can come back.

Wade played 2018 at UTEP, transferred to Wichita, sat out 2019, played 2020 and 2021, transferred here and is playing 2022. That’s four years out of five. Not sure why he couldn’t come back.

I would love for Wade to come back. So possibly

  1. Jaylin Williams
  2. Devo Davis
  3. Jaxon Robinson
  4. Kamani Johnson
  5. Nick Smith
  6. Jordan Walsh
  7. Derian Ford
  8. Joseph Pinion
  9. Barry Dunning
  10. Chance Moore
  11. Audiese Toney
  12. JD Notae
  13. Trey Wade
  14. KK Robinson
  15. Anthony Black
  16. Lykes?

Will be interesting, but clearly 3 folks on this roster won’t be on this roster.

Notice you leave CV off this list. Which could be correct, but obviously he could come back too.

yes, you are correct. So 4. Im thinking Wade and Lykes may not get super senior if transferred as grad?? But dunno.

I don’t think grad status matters. If you were on a roster in 2020, you get the extra year regardless because of COVID. If you want it.

I’ve been told by people I trust that JD will not be back and will turn pro.

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I don’t know how everything works, but Wade is a grad and Toney is not.