Just Listened to Sam's PC

As I was sitting here listening, it occurred to me that the team this guys is talking about is a real SEC football team especially when talking about the Oline (extremely critical). That does not mean they are going to win more games or win the SEC or anything like that but it does mean they have a chance and that Sam certainly has them going in the right direction.

When he was talking Oline, a subject he knows a little about, he just kept bringing up names up to sometimes 4 deep that might could help. That is what you have to have in this league. Give us the same thing on the front 7 D and this team will go to war with anybody. I think it is called LOS or something!! You give KJ time and those backs some holes, they are going to make a lot of yards.

Again, they could be better, quite a bit better, and still not win 9 games, but they are headed in the right direction. Did Clay say someone had them 6th? I don’t believe that right now, but it could happen and to be able to say that is so far from where we were just a very short while ago!

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Facing a vicious schedule again and I hope we are in the top fifteen when the final whistle blows on the regular season.

Yeah I got excited listening to Sam as well but I’d be lying to you if I said I was totally comfortable with Jones being our LT. He has not impressed me so far from what I’ve seen and LT is by far the most important spot on the line. I definitely trust Sam and Kennedy and if they’re happy I will definitely be happy but I guess I’ll have to see how he does against Cincinnati to get a true idea of what we’ve got.

Curious when he has played where he did not impress you?

Cunningham was really solid last year as a very experienced starter at LT in the SEC, so I’m not sure many snaps were available at LT outside of Cunningham…

I like Luke, I think he could have a big Sr year … 6-5 and up to 327… can play the left side (LT, and LG) as well as center…also, I think he can come back for another year,

Expanding out to the bigger picture… I think we are starting to see some real competition on the OL… and I think we will start see players recruited pass beat out older players… Like we have 4 returning starters on the OL… it would not surprise me to see new starters at 3 of the 4 spots, with Center being the one that would surprise me….

Luke is not a physically imposing player based on what I’ve seen when he has played…Cunningham wasn’t either to be honest. I think Luke might do better in pass blocking than he will in run blocking because I just don’t think he’s going to be physical enough to set the edge. That’s just my opinion we will find out a lot more against Cincinnati next September.

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