Just listened to Kelvin Sampson

On Jim Rome show

Talked about how much he learned while in the NBA about spacing, pace, screening, pick and roll, and other tactics in the game.

He talks a good talk.
Sounds very intelligent and articulate.

Not trying to say this would mean anything if he were our coach. Just mention it because he has been discussed as a possible candidate if an opening were to occur.

Besides the show-cause thing, I would be concerned with his age. Has he really learned from his mistakes and will we be happy repeating this process in 6~10 years due to his age?

How old is Anderson compared to Sampson?

Sampson is a little more than four years older. Anderson is 59; Sampson is 63.

UH Billionaire donor Frititta will have something to say about that, Sampson will not leave that cash cow

Don’t want him!! Win at all cost!!


Don’t like Kelvin Sampson’s history of cheating at OU and Indiana. Don’t like his ties to our AD either.