Just like the "never should have fired Petrino" folks, the defenders of Pulley & Curl need to quit being delusional.....

Good post…I find it hard to believe that CCM would treat a player unfairly

Nutt inherited a tough team that played much better at the end of 97. A hard nosed disciplined bunch molded by Coach Ford. Also, much more talented than this bunch. Every coach inherits a different situation from a talent and culture standpoint.

How do you know what Morris has or hasn’t done re: discipline?

Easy, by watching the games, and watching what the players are saying on social media. If he was addressing the issues, kids wouldn’t be speaking out on Twitter about the issues. It’s really that simple.

As pointed out elsewhere, losing magnifies everything.

The problem from my vantage is consistency. Game day behavior is not just which fans you take pictures with, or whether you control emotions towards an opposing player. It is also not yapping your mouth when being beaten by 30. The gesticulations following the occasional good play are every bit as bad in my book. Not helping a RB or QB up off the ground after your block allowed them to be smacked about. Not supporting a teammate after a good play. Obvious lazy plays (way too many vs MS State).

For Petrino, the culmination was the purge of a couple of defensive starters on the plane ride home from South Carolina. Maybe MS State is that moment for Morris. I hope it is - time for us to draw a line in the sand and move forward as 100% “Morris’ Team.” That is for players but also for fans.

The discipline I am seeing reported is not consistent with the offenses I see on the sideline and on the field. If players feel that way, then you have an explanation that is 100% Chad Morris.

Quinn Grovey had an interesting comment about this on the radio this morning. His comment was that “something like this wouldn’t have happened during his tenure because the Seniors wouldn’t have allowed it to happen”. A definite shot at the lack of Senior leadership on this team.

He did comment that the coaches punishment would probably have been different if the team were 9-2 instead of 2-9. When a coach is trying to change the culture of the program, sometimes examples of punishment to one or two players may not necessarily be “fair” when a strong point needs to be made to the whole team.

These players did something that was not acceptable conduct wise, players need to be focused on the team they’re playing, not that teams cheerleaders, pom pom squad or what ever.
Suspension is at the discretion of the HC, Holtz suspended three before the 78 Orange Bowl, Petrino sent two home before the 09 Liberty Bowl after they were in Memphis, it happens.

The Petrino comparison is chock full of “dumbness.”

I have an opinion about firing Petrino. Said it at the time — terrible move by Long. Awful. Still feel that way. How have I been proven wrong? Look at the post-Petrino state of Razorback football. Worst in history. I’m likely a lot more right than wrong but we will never know for sure. I will admit that.

As for Curl and Pulley, CCM could be making the wrong move. But none of us have enough information. We just engage in sheer speculation and try to imagine what hard asses like Bear Bryant or Nick Saban would do. But all we can really do is trust Morris just like we trusted Long re: Petrino. That didn’t work out well at all. Maybe CCM has a little more talent and ability than Long when it comes to running a successful football team. Sure hope so.

Point is that in order for your “dumbness” view to have merit this all has to be black and white. It’s not. Not even close.

Pulley and Curl made a meistake. Morris suspended them indetinately. End of story.

Time will telll if they ever play again for the Hogs. I would think that their attittude and actions will deterimine their Razorback future. WPS

Clint Storner said the same thing on Bo’s show yesterday… said team leadership from the upperclassmen is very poor.

Extremely poor.

They never had anyone teach them the correct way to lead, starting at the top.

I think more than anything they point the coach in a tough spot. They did something wrong (that on its own is pretty minor), but they did it where the whole world could see it. They had to have known that if they got caught there would be consequences.

I like those two players, and I sure hope to see them back on the team next year, but I understand that when someone breaks a rule there are consequences.

I’m not on the same page as you with you on Petrino but this post nails my thoughts exactly. Well said Hawgjawbend.

Overlooking Petrino’s transgressions is the only choice in Razorback history that would have been dumber than overlooking Pulley and Curl flaunting their “to hell with the team, we only care about ourselves” bad attitude to the world before the MissState game. That was my point. Giving Petrino a slap on the wrist and letting him continue to run his program his way would have been dumb because it would proclaim to the world that decency, professionalism, character, integrity, and honesty mean nothing at Arkansas. Just win baby and you can do anything you want is a dumb way to run a program and represent a state. Just like with Bielema, the hand writing was on the wall and the lack of recruiting success impact that was coming was obvious and it would have been dumb to not try to do better by unloading the scumbag. If you want to see where Arkansas was headed with Petrino when he had to just use his recruits, just look at Louisville now. Didn’t work out the way we hoped, but Long had to try. Keeping Bielema was also not an option because he had failed to recruit and develop the offensive line talent (as well as several other positions) he needed for his system. If these O-line struggle blocking for Morris, imagine how they would have struggled in Bielema’s system.

Not punishing Pulley and Curl would have been almost as dumb as almost not punishing Petrino. I assume the severity of the punishment is due to their past transgressions and the overall situation. Just like you, I don’t know all of the facts that effect the final decision on their punishment, but not punishing them at all would have been dumb. That is a fact, not an opinion.

And the sheer speculation continues. Just to make yourself feel better about this disasterous football program. “Hey, we’re good guys and a great State because we fired Petrino.” “Hey, Petrino would have flamed out anyway.” Keep on preaching this losing mantra. You got what you wanted — losing in abundance. Congratulations.

And, by the way, do you think Garret Uekman’s parents think Petrino is a scumbag? How about the folks at Ark. Children’s Hospital to whom he gave several hundred thousand dollars? You ought to reconsider that silliness.

I like most of your takes, but don’t understand the defense of Petrino from a character standpoint. Did he do good things with Uekmann, ACH, etc.? Sure he did but the evidence is pretty clear the man is not a good person overall and is lacking in character or put less diplomatically is a scumbag.

Now he’s not the only scumbag roaming the sidelines and it’s perfectly okay to say I don’t give a damn about character and just want to win. I felt it was important and thus wanted Petrino to be fired. I think he deserved to be fired and he alone was responsible for it. That said, I understand some, including you, disagree with that decision but wish you’d concede he was not a good person and you felt that wasn’t important in the grand scheme of things. When you start defending the man’s character I think you are starting to BS a bit.

No, I agree he’s not necessarily a good person. But I don’t think he’s a “scumbag” like the other poster called him. I don’t think Saban is a good person. Nor do I think Urban Meyer is a good person. I’d put Bobby in their class, probably a little worse because he cheated on his spouse. If you want to win, you tolerate a-hole coaches. Most winning football coaches are a-holes. Arkansas can never get a Saban or Urban Meyer. So when you get a Petrino you have to stay away from hair triggers on the firing. Jeff Long never understood how hard it is to win at Arkansas. When you have a winner coach, you tolerate him. I don’t care whether “football is fun again.”

Let’s move on from arguing on whether Petrino is and was a total scumbag or just mostly a scumbag and consider the main point. You got a football coach who:

  1. Has it revealed to his boss and the world that he is having an active affair and put his mistress on the payroll ahead of far more qualified candidates,

  2. He has publicly lied about it to his boss, the board of trustees, and the fans who pay his salary and expect him to set the standard for conduct in his program,

  3. He road said girlfriend into a ditch, lied to the cops and the rest of the world, and got exposed as the scumbag liar he is and was,

  4. and he has failed miserably to maintain the recruit quality that he inherited when he came to Arkansas and has huge problems coming with the talent level on his team.

It would have been dumb not to fire him. That is my opinion. I know people who have worked with him while at Arkansas and they are the ones who have convinced me that him being a scumbag is a fact.

I’m sure Petrino’s wife & kids wanted to stay here & face humility daily.
Oh but they weren’t the coach or the team, just collateral damage.

No, it’s not.

It isn’t the old days.

I think I have made it very clear how I feel about this.

BP good offensive coach, poor human being - and I am not even including his side pieces.