Just like I taught him


That is nothing short of fantastic.
Doesn’t even seem like it would be possible.

Hopefully, he can provide a huge lift for us next year. We have not had anyone who consistently kicks it into the end zone on kickoffs, and we have been very inconsistent on FGs. We have had highly acclaimed kickers sign with us, only to be not nearly as productive as hoped.

Agree. Such a fine line to be able to keep spinning it like that .

wow! that reminds me of the old Tiger Woods commercial, bouncing a golf ball before he crushed it


Awesome, can’t wait for him to kick for us.

OK. I am sold. Doesn’t even need a holder. Was that the 35 or 40 from which he kicked it?

Amazing. A lot of talent and hard work on display.

Pretty amazing, even if it may have took a few tries to get it right. But that’s a lot of work and practice with a football to accomplish that.

Looks like a bobbled snap won’t be an issue. Clay can get the punter back holding.

All but one of his kickoffs this year have been touchbacks… that is very important.

I believe I read somewhere that kick was from 54 yards out.

That’s what the tweet said.

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