Just keep winning series!!

All else will take care of itself. Pretty simple.

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What a difference a year makes. We’ve already matched our total SEC wins from last year. Getting a sweep at home against a team, MSU, that’s been winning games since, then winning 2 away series is really big. I don’t know what to make of LSU. Normally they’re really good. They might be now, but their record so far certainly shows them to be vulnerable. If we can win the series at home against them, I’ll really feel good about the path we’re on.

Making the NCAA is nice, but something we should expect. I’d like to be a national seed with a guarantee to host the super if we get win our own regional at Baum. I am so ready to make a deep run in the CWS. (I know. It’s way too early to talk like that, but it’s not an unrealistic hope.)

LSU has a great Friday night pitcher, Alex Lange, who maybe is another first-rounder like Tanner Houck. But its offense has not picked him up the past couple of weeks. They lost 1-0 to Florida and 4-0 to Texas A&M, both good teams. Then Jared Poche’ (6-1, 1.15 ERA) pitches on Saturday. He threw a no-hitter and came within a couple outs of another to start the season. It should be a great gauge for Arkansas’ hitting.

Good info. Thanks Matt