Just installed YouTube TV

I haven’t had cable or anything else impersonating TV since July, so I missed the entire Hog football season (that’s a positive). But with the new job in a new city, decided I needed access to SECN for the start of the conference basketball season. Spent $35 for a Chromecast device, set it up (no small feat for someone as technologically challenged as I am) and now watching a British rugby match since it’s too early for anything else live. YouTube TV is $40 a month and includes SECN, ESPN and the local channels; I care very little about Raleigh-Durham area news but I do like having the network sports including the NFL playoffs which will also be on later today. My TV is right next to the WiFi router so if there are signal issues it’s not because of the distance.

I just got YouTube TV as well. I’ve had it for a couple of days streaming through a Roku device. The biggest problem I had was actually finding the YouTube TV app/channel on the Roku device (had to install it by getting the Roku app on my phone and doing it that way), but I really like it so far, especially the fact that all the local channels here in NWA are included. I haven’t had any issues yet, but we’ll see.

I had to do the same thing on my phone for Chromecast. Evidently my phone will essentially be the remote until I get a smart TV. Which I probably will do soon when I catch a good sale on what I want.

I have a friend who is a technology wizard and he pays little or nothing for TV Chromecast everything. 2-3 things you have to do and I can’t remember but they basically paid nothing for watching things.

Purchased 3 Samsung 4K Smart TV’s for $277 each at Best Buy…they were gifts for my kids and Mother-in-law. They work great and the price was really good. I think they come with Hulu, YouTube, etc already installed.

I have had YouTubeTV for about six months. Chose it over DirectTVnow because of the unlimited DVR. I basically put everything I watch into my library to record. That was the only way, then, to pause, rewind, or skip commercials. If I was not recording it, could not do those things. In LR, they have all of the local stations but PBS and I miss that. Roku has a PBS channel that streams some programs but not all. We added Philo for about $17 more per month to get Science, History, HGTV, Food Network, and DIY which aren’t included on YouTubeTV. I am addicted to Forged in Fire and Vikings on History and YoutubeTV did not carry those. I am paying $60 for much more than I was getting from the Dish Network for $150. I bought a Roku Ultra Base Unit inn the den and one Roku Firestick in the Master Bedroom for about $70. That one time cost brought a bunch of channels with it as well as access to any of the streaming services I wanted to sign up with.

I miss the DVR for everything that you get with Cable and Dish. Some streaming services have their own cloud dvr’s, the Roku channels don’t. I understand that if I just bought a Tivo DVR that it can’t record many of the streaming channels so that would not provide the one DVR for everything that I miss. I don’t miss having to scroll past ten channels trying to sell crap for Dish, Comcast, Uverse, etc. to get to a channel that I actually wanted to watch. That got old real quick and I really like that those days are gone.

I DVR nearly everything that I watch. It has been one reason that I’ve not yet done away with DirecTV. I never have to scroll through a bunch of uninteresting channels, because I have the option of setting up my own favorites list. I have two set up, one for my channels and one for sports.

I’m getting a lot closer to cutting the cord.

I did have one issue. I accidentally told YTTV to record the A&M game while I was setting that up Saturday night. So yesterday when I’m trying to watch the Chargers-Ravens playoff game, instead it keeps trying to replay the basketball game. It took four of five tries to finally get the football game on my TV (I could watch the game on my phone, but phone watching is not why I paid to get the service).