Just in case you were wondering

KJ Hill is Ohio State’s leading receiver coming into the Michigan game with 42 catches and 7 TDs. Chris Olave is their home run threat with 11 TDs including a long one today, but Hill is at the top of the catch list.

Let’s see, #1 vs 4-20? I’d have to say he made the right choice.

Also JJ Dobbins, their stud RB, is a Texas kid. tOSU recruits all over, and being in the playoffs most years makes that easier. Hard to tell if Ryan Day is a really good coach or if he just hasn’t screwed up what Urban Blight left him yet.

Money talks.

OK, good for him and you.

Who cares? Probably nobody on this board, what drama all that was.

No doubt he made the right choice. Money talks? Really? Maybe so. Maybe not. But he got it right.

Arkansas was coming off an 8-5 season and second-place finish in the SEC West when Hill signed with Ohio State. The Arkansas program of then and now are nowhere near the same.

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Who’s he? Some Ohio kid?

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This is true. We were in much better shape then but still couldn’t match whatever tOSU offered, legit or not. I never will forget his stepdad was just a rabid Razorback fan, and posted here frequently, until they made the official visit to Columbus. Then we never saw him again.

And yet another reason to root against tatTOoStateU.

Speaking of Tattoo U, did you see Terrelle Pryor was stabbed in his apartment by a woman and is critical in the hospital?

Hope he recovers, but I still can’t believe the NCAA let him play in the Sugar Bowl. If they park his butt we win easily

They are and always have been a win at any cost school. Dirty, rotten scoundrels.

Perhaps the young man wished to play for a National Championship contender

Possibly but I always thought how Montez turned on a dime that weekend in Columbus was highly suspicious

After hearing how CBB called tOSU and told them Hill had cancelled his official visit to them (he hadn’t), I don’t blame KJ at all. Classless move by a guy I thought was an upstanding individual. Story after story has come out to indicate he wasn’t who we thought he was.

I liked Montez and had several messages back and forth from him. But there was a scandal breaking at NLR in involving Montez. Never got the entire story (not that it matters).

Zack Smith is not a very good source of integrity.

I believe KJ’s mom and Montez found gainful employment in Columbus. No surprise there.

All ancient history.

At least one source pretty knowledgable about the situation doesn’t recall Bielema doing that.

There was so many lies, half truths, rumors, and some truths involved with that whole ordeal. Hill accepting & reneging AR offer legit,
NLR scandal was legit, Montez kissing Bama’s NC Trophy was legit, Montez stirring the pot on this board was legit, Montez leaving this board after Hill signed with Ohio St legit, Hill family employed in Ohio legit. Sure some know more that is legit, but we are left to read between the lines on the rest.
Montez being a die hard Hog Fan-blah blah blah!!!

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Zack Smith must be very creative with his fictional stories regarding B$B and the recruiting of Hill.