Just in case you were wondering

If Bret Bielema gets fired before the end of 2017 he’s owed a buyout of $15.6 million. After January 1 it drops to “only” $7.8 million through the year 2020. Obviously his seat got a whole lot warmer yesterday but it’s going to be really expensive to get rid of him.

I’m still puzzled by that buy out. Who were we bidding against after his first two years here? I’m likely missing something, but it seemed odd then and even more so now

Buyout is irrelevant as to a money issue if Coach has lost the fanbase and there is a lot to be fixed over the next two weeks to calm the base down after the last two games in 2016 and this game. The TAM game will now be biggest game for each of the respective coaches career in the SEC. Coach B can still fix this but it won’t be easy as this was a blown opportunity to take a huge step forward .

Patterson accurately stated in post game interviews that TCU practiced physically to prep for Arkansas and that they were the Hammer and Arkansas the nail. That is an attitude which Arkansas expected to have and will now have two weeks to self assess what went wrong and how to fix.

The buyout is structured and will be spread out over several years. The donaters and ticket buyers are unhappy.

Bret has lost his fire. Players don’t fear him. He’s too damn nice to be a football coach in the SEC. His teams play with zero emotion.

This can’t be fixed in two weeks and probably not this year, unless yesterday just happened to be the mother of all bad games the Hogs have ever played. The play and energy yesterday looked like we went back in time to 2012 and Snoopy Smith.

Curious…does buyout get reduced or end if he were to secure other employment?

Swine, I was wondering about that. Thank you for the answer. A lot of us are wondering about that buyout right about now. The biggest question I have is who were we competing against so that we had to concede to a huge buyout like that?

You want an outstanding coach who loves his job at your school(like Coach Broyles). If another school comes calling and asks for more money…then you might concede to increase his pay…maybe. But what happens if you have a coach who is not performing and you have to fire him and pay him huge money…Is this the only way to get a good coach nowadays?

I’m serious about that question. Is that the way it is done now? Maybe the way to go now is to go with an up and comer who doesn’t expect a gigantic buyout.