Just in case anyone cares

The college football world has taken note of the booing in RRS Saturday, and the reaction is not positive. Such as this from Tony Barnhart:


The First Amendment does not prevent consequences, folks. Call your boss a drunken moron, you won’t have a job tomorrow. Boo your players and it hurts recruiting; I promise the people recruiting against us are making sure our targets know all about this, and will keep reminding them – especially if it keeps happening.

Hmm Alabama auburn or LSU has never booed???

Let’s see MR SEC call them out.

These are easy cheap shots because we are Arkansas

This program has enough issues and this only contributes to the continued decline of what was once a very proud program. Too many travel ball parents in the RRS.

I’m not a fan of the booing, but at the same time I do understand the frustration.

What I’m not a fan of is players whining about the booing, instead of taking leadership and trying to fix the problem. I say around and thought about that and how I felt for a while now, and I’ve seen several opinions on it and that’s where mine is at currently. A former baseball player called it out, as well as some other former football players saying this team didn’t have any pride. They are mentally weak, because their coach was mentally weak (Bret) it’s contageous.

Until I see someone get in the postgame and be just fuming pissed off that they played that bad i won’t think it’s changed. I don’t want to see them get up there and complain about upset fans, whether the fans were right or wrong. They do pay money and expect to see more than what we’ve seen.

A thought: What really is the difference in booing at the game and railing against the team’s performance on message boards, talk shows and social media? The players are going to hear (or read) it either way.

I totally agree Swine. But a segment of our fanbase has proven time and again that they care alot more about PUBLICLY venting their frustrations (no one says you can’t vent frustrations…but it doesn’t have to be public) than they actually care about the football program.

I learned that during the Nutt fiasco…with airplanes…and obtaining cell records to try to prove an affair…