Just How Big is This Game?

The series was set up as Big 12 V SEC old SWC foes in special stadium. It was fun, but not really big, big. Things have changed. Now it is an early SEC West meeting between 2 Top 25 teams on a big stage.

The world or our season will not end if we lose; however, if we win, the world opens. It makes the next game potentially between 2 top 10 teams in Fayetteville. Win that one and OMG. What this game means is it opens up big , big potential (and hopes) for the winner (both teams).

Back in the summer, Clay said TCU was the key game and he was not wrong. Others said A&M, and they were not wrong. With each win, the next game becomes bigger and bigger. It is meaningful to me that if we win the SWC this yr., bit things open for us.

Not sure when I have been as excited about a game and what it means. this is special and why we enjoy the SEC so much (yeah, win a big game and you get to play Bama, Ole Miss, etc). Here we go. How far? That is what is at stake. Atlanta is still possible.

Just think what two missed Field Goals are meaning.

It is an important game. Win and we might have a very good year with 9-10 wins. Lose and we could go 0-3 losing to A+M, Alabama and Ole Miss. The SEC West is just so tough. Every win is a big win in our division. Every team we play in our division is just as good or better than we are, except for Mississippi State and Auburn. We play both of those guys on the road, so those games will not be easy. Then we play Florida and Missouri, not easy tasks.

8 or 9 wins would be a very good year, in my view. I think we win 7-8 games. That would be okay with me, given this brutal schedule.

At some point BB will send Hog Nation into bedlam

This is a pivotal game b/c it’s conference opener and we are on the national radar and Coach B said he came here to win not just compete

Team staff and fans are HUNGRY for this as A&M has been gifted the last two

I expect Jerrys world will be poppin by kick

Huge game.

A win in this game would likely bring College Gameday to Fayeteville for the Bama game.

There is no more publicity you can get than that.


'nuff said…

Now that we’ve beaten TCU, I’ll be disappointed with 7-8 wins. Certainly disappointed with just 7. I recognize that still might be all we win in light of our schedule, but TCU is as good as most SEC teams. We hardly had our way with them; we were fortunate to win. However, with 8 SEC games to go, I’d like to think we’ll win at least half of them. Every game more than that is gravy, but this first one is huge. As things sit right now, I’m not willing to think in terms of only 7 wins. Right now I’m thinking more along the lines of winning the first 7 we play: 3 down & 4 to go. Do that & dreams really get big.

That’s my point I think. Win and it keeps big, very big dreams alive and possible. Lose and a good season most of us will like is still out there. It is still out there. Will it be there early Sunday AM (I expect this one to be over around midnight)?

After seeing what this Hog team is capable of on the road against a ranked and salty TCU team, where the will to fight and keep fighting until the clock read 00:00 at the end and our point total was more than the opponent’s, shaking that early season monkey off of our back. A continuation of the last half of last season.
This game looms large now as both of these former SWC foes have made early statements this year and are very evenly matched.
The winner is the front runner to challenge Bama for the SECW title at this stage with us getting first crack at them at home afterwards.
The loser is by no means completely out of the picture as well.
My hair is standing on end as I type now!


Hi Colorado:
good post. After last years’ disappointing start and this years 3-0, AR sees this as the beginning of a dream for greatness we have been craving for. Because here the winner moves on to recognition of a program that may someday rival AL. The looser, still searching for a better day to come. That’s what CBB has been working towards and what we have been patiently waiting for. I hope we have the capacity to recognize this is not as big as the life itself.

We pretty much owned them in the SWC days (of course we owned most everybody else except UT and pesky SMU). We need to beat them on Saturday to open up big possibilities as others have pointed out. Here’s another angle that makes this game important: beat them and we stay in the rankings whether we beat Bama or not. That keeps us nationally relevant and on recruits radars. Once your out of the rankings by mid-season, it’s hard to get back in. The last half of last season we were one of the best teams in the nation and couldn’t get ranked, as I recall.

I think we need to tap the brakes just a little. I am very excited to being 3-0, but realistically, I had us going 8-4 or possibly 9-3 this season, with one of those losses to TCU. So, that now makes my hope for 9-3 possible.

I also had us losing to A&M, Bama & Auburn. A&M and Auburn due to the spread offenses that we struggle playing against. Bama because it’s Bama and we are not there yet. Close, but not yet.

We are playing an A&M team with the strength of its defense being its DE positions. Not one position, but both. And our offensive line weakness is the right OT. I believe that will be the difference in this game.

I will be attending this game in person for the first time, so I am hoping that I am wrong in my prediction.


The TCU game was very big, too. As you win more, they become bigger and bigger. This is the SEC opener and for Arkansas to be 1-0 in the SEC would be huge. Sets up the rest of the season, but we will look back at each game as we get to them as big games in their own right.

Hogs against SWC opponents not wearing orange:
Baylor 35-33-2
Houston 12-6
Rice 35-29-3
SMU 37-31-5
A&M 41-28-3
Tech 29-8-0
TCU 43-23-2

Remember, though, that prior to JFB’s arrival, we were pretty much in the hole against every SWC opponent. It took winning 22 in a row against TCU to get the margin where it is now. Otherwise, as you can see, the closest rivalry is with Baylor.

Baylor was always a pain. The game normally fell between the big opening game with TCU and the really big texass game. Also, they were often pretty good especially early in the seson. Never liked playing them.

Remember the game where they stopped our 22 game streak in Fayetteville. We ran up and down the field, did a couple of famous pouch kicks (Frank wishes he never heard that term), and finally beat us. Called them peska bears.

Grant Teaff was a heckofa Coach, but Baylor was also notorious for taking cheap shots also. I will never forget that about them.

I recently saw an interview with Mike Singletary. He talked about how wonderful Teaff was. All I could think of was the hit on Steve Little. I still think it was intentional.