Just hoping for a winning record

Today keeps that dream alive. Looks like the Rebs were ill prepared for the D that Mike threw at them at the end. Kermit did out coach Mike at the FT line today though. LOL! Refs as usual, had to be overcome.

One more regular season win clinches at least .500 record.

Winning one more game than you lose is not going to save this season. It has, to this point, been a disappointment. Now if we can manage to beat Vandy and Alabama, that would, in my view, kind of salvage a bad year. 17-14 and 8-10 in the SEC is not good, but it is not a disaster.

But, if we go 7-11 in the conference and 16-15, Mike Anderson’s seat will be white hot next year. It’s warm now, but he could cool it down with a strong finish.

For the fans who want MA out, it’s already scalding and two wins won’t change that. The only person whose opinion of the seat temperature matters is Hunter Yurachek’s and he ain’t talking.

I would be really surprised if our AD pulled the trigger on Mike Anderson. He hasn’t really done any thing which would warrant a firing, but we just can’t seem to get the program to a level we fans want, including me. I would be sad to see him fired, but I would certainly understand why it would have happened if it does.

Many of us want him to kick ass and win at a high level, but after 8 years that has just not happened. The SEC is a real good league right now…the coaches are top drawer. Mike is going to have to recruit real well to save his job. Next year could get ugly if he doesn’t have a great signing day in the spring.