just heard Joe Klein on drive time

he said what a lot have said. he was surprised HY pulled the trigger, but he understood why.

then it got interesting, he talked about recruiting. he applauded morris and staff for adapting to the times. Twitter, Instagram, Videos. he said they are relentless and make it hard for a kid to say no to them. he gets on them early, builds relationships, aggressive and relentless. He said you have to sell, sell, sell the program and your vision. there was a thread on the recruiting board about basketball recruiting and marketing.

he also said when asked, could arkansas be great again. his answer, absolutely. we have facilities, fan base, money, we have everything to be a big time program consistently again.

lastly, he said again what we all think here, that Anderson is a good man and he hated it came to this.

i agree with all of what he said. on to the next guy, lets hope he’s the one.

forgot one thing, he said support started to decline when we got routed by butler last year in the NCAA tourney.

I agree with Joe Klein. Very likeable man but not the coach we have to have in the SEC.
Mike is a millionaire. He will be fine. I’m holding out for a young coach with a fire in his belly who wants to make a name for himself at Arkansas. Geez………………will we ever get back to being a respectable BB program again?