Just heard a stat from the OM/SoMiss announcer that surprises me

He said that in the college baseball regionals, history shows the team that comes through the losers bracket and forces a final game 7, wins the championship 53% of the time. That doesn’t seem to make sense to me. They would have always played one more game and would have more depleted pitching.

Very surprising, if true. O well, maybe our win tonight will move that percentage back to 50-50.

I’ve heard that before. The actual numbers might have changed, but I know a few years ago hearing that the team that forced the final game usually won. Still, 53% isn’t a huge number. I’d think that could be just a number that changes with enough samples. Sorta like tossing a coin 100 times & having it come up heads slightly more often.

But one would think the 5th game would prove to be more of a disadvantage than apparently it is.

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