Just have the press conference at the same time!

Norvell- Out

[color=#FF0000]Chad Morris— IN… 99 % chance

Brent Venables, defensive coordinator for Clemson. (IN LR today) Clemson is in the playoffs. Brent is there as last years winner. And as we saw and heard he was on Bo’s show today.

Besides who really knows our AD. What is he thinking? What about tying Brent down and have our presser? Plenty of time to make the dinner. :smiley:

Baked the other day, said a couple of things. Then he asked Matt in that there would be a press conference Tuesday and Wednesday.

Matt said baked was wrong about that. Anybody can correct me if I’m wrong. But I’m guess a press conference will be held tomorrow.

Maybe even with a coach. Or maybe that’s Wednesday. OR???

There have been no press conferences scheduled.

It’s all going to be okay 339. A coach will be hired prior to the weekend IMO. And there will be happy fans and unhappy fans about the hire. The new coach will hit the road to salvage as much of this recruiting class as possible. The new coach will hire his staff soon which will give us more to discuss/worry about on HI.

The good news is that the Drama will not end for a while. And the bad news is that the Drama will not end for a while.

It will give old dudes like me a reason to read the board a lot.

All in all it’s just entertainment. Very good entertainment.

Will there be a press conference for the new AD? Just curious.

Nothing has been scheduled. The AD’s first priority is to finish the football search.

Baked guess we got him. Maybe didn’t check is sources! :slight_smile:

Arkansas will have a news conference to formally introduce Hunter Yurachek tomorrow at 10 a.m. He and Joe Steinmetz will answer questions.

Matt Jones
Online Sports Director
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Yep, wrong on AD and Coach, but timeframe was pretty close.

Looks like it’ll be Morris, unless something else happens.

OK. Thanks!!

Just wanted a coach before any operations were scheduled…
ON me. :slight_smile:

We got one, some insiders are saying it’s Morris, just waiting on signatures

Yepper, copy that!

Saave time and just bring Chad with them…

All kinds of sources reporting now.
BTW I changed my headline.

I’m leetting the word out so you can be right on both!! BTW baked I’m a big boy, if I’m right I believe in it. If I’m wrong it’s OK.

To name a AD and just wait?? Mercy
Didn’t take a rocket scientiste to figure this out… :wink: