Just had a thought about the Mizzou offense

Noticed this in reading Matt’s story on WHS. They roll up a whole bunch of yards, but they’re not great at turning those yards into points. They’re averaging more than 16 yards per point, which is awfully high (and actually is even worse considering they have three non-offensive TDs). Typically, a really efficient offense will get around 12-13 yards per point, and if their defense gets them a lot of short fields, even better than that. Our average is 13.7, which likely reflects our goal line failures earlier in the season. Louisville, which leads the nation both in total offense and scoring, averages about 12. So does Mobilehoma.

I’ve also noted that MU has kicking game issues. They are under 50% on field goals for the year and have missed six extra points. Their kickoff coverage team isn’t great; average start is the 27 (ours is the 24) with one touchdown return allowed, so maybe we can get one out past the 30. They’re decent on punt returns, with one back to the house, and their punter is pretty good, although not quite up to Baker’s level.

I’m hoping RS channels some Joe Lee Dunn to throw a crazy junk defense at them.