Just got notice that our church

Has canceled all services tomorrow and will be closed all next week. I’m sure our church will not be the only one doing this.

Our church has canceled all on campus activities until further notice. Fortunately was have the capability to stream worship and message via our website. Most churches here in Chattanooga have done the same.

The state of emergency declared by the city and county mayor restricts crowds over 250 people.

The response from folks has been extraordinary.

But it’s crazy seeing panic buying. Every store is slammed. Which is a perfect storm for catching the virus.

Our church is having only on-line services for the next three weeks. I agree with that strategy in this time of contagion.

Same here in Little Rock.

Same here in Connecticut.

Our church in West Monroe is steaming our service today, and it’s recorded for watching later. Our governor has mandated within the state no meeting of 250 people or more until further notice…paraphrasing. My oldest son is at church now playing guitar and get ready to play and sing to an empty sanctuary.