Just got an e-mail on season tickets

Here’s the part about capacity:

The current Phase II of the State of Arkansas’ Re-Opening guidelines requires 6-feet of social distancing. To maintain 6-feet of spacing in every direction between seating blocks, the estimated percentage of capacity permitted inside DWRRS is 21-23% or 16,000-17,000 available seats including our premium areas, general seating and an allocation for our students.

You can request a five, three or two game package. Who knows what you will get, as there are currently 33,000 season tickets sold per the e-mail.

I got mine too.

Cheerleaders present but not on the sidelines.

Players will not run through the A.

Fans not aloud to greet team when they arrive to stadium.

Band will play in pregame and halftime. Only the drum lines play during the game.

Fans are required to wear masks.

It will be different, but I will be there.

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I plan to opt out and want none of my season tickets, but want to retain my seating for season tickets for the following season. I did not see an option for that. The email talked about calling them. Not sure what that means.

You’ll be fine, they aren’t going to punish anyone for opting out. Now, they’ll probably hound you to make it a charitable deduction, though.

From the email:

If for any reason you do not feel comfortable attending games this fall, please contact the Razorback Ticket Center to discuss your options for a full refund or reallocation of your ticket cost, to a tax-deductible donation to the Razorback Foundation.

I read that to mean that you could opt out. You can certainly learn your options by calling.

I heard they will ask Foundation donors that opt out of tickets to transfer their normal donation from the foundation to the UA general fund. By doing so, the donation will be tax deductible.

If I am allowed to attend that weird setup…I’ll be ecstatic!!!


If I had tickets but decided not to go, who would want my tix–anybody from this board?

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How many tickets will be available after the UA allocates tickets to the players, families, staff, UA and the students?


So we hire a new coach to replace the one who never won an SEC game, and attendance is going to go down. Obviously I am fully aware why that is the case, but it’s a weird thought.

I’ve pretty much decided that it’s probably easier on everyone, not just me, to not attend. I want to be there and support, and I certainly will if available, but if they call and say, hey, we don’t have room, I’m completely ok with that. With most work virtual right now, I’m making plans to spend about a month at deer camp. I’ve got great cell/internet service there and can support my hogs that way. I just hope they play, even if empty stands, in case deer camp is slow.

I wonder if that metric for 6 feet in all directions assumes everyone is attending single and not couples? Like in restaurants, couples can sit together. Would seem that would help, but probably really screw up the planning and may not be worth the hassle.

Families, groups can still sit together.

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