Just gonna put this out there

I will not be surprised to see us end the regular season on a 5-game win streak.

I was busy at work yesterday, and didn’t get to watch much of the game, but I just watched it.
I was impressed.

Nick is looking better and better, just like I hoped he would. Very proud of him to block out the negative noise and come back to be the weapon he most definitely is.

Makhi and Graham are playing like studs. Muss surely wishes he could get more out of Graham on defense, but there is no way to keep him off the court. He is just so gifted offensively.

Council looked better yesterday, and Walsh just keeps getting better.
Add in Devo, AB, and Makhel, and I really like our chances going forward.

Time to make a run.
Go Hogs!


Gives everyone else a break to with NS back. They will only get btr. Kentucky is gaining confidence and getting btr even without wheeler. I think them and Bama will be biggest threats. The vols just don’t impress me here lately.

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I hope you right on… But just in case I would suggest we try to kidnap the most troublesome player of the opposing team the day before each game including the final of the elite eight.

Your comment about Graham on defense reminds me of a play yesterday where he broke down on defense and allowed a scoring three-pointer over his late recovering hands. Has he turned he looked toward and pointed to his chest as if to say, “My fault coach!” Unfortunately. true insight comes before, not in acknowledgment of your error. I feel it is time we accept his offensive gifts and remain surprised when he makes an outstanding defensive play.

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I don’t share your enthusiasm about this team. I don’t see us beating Bama or UT on the road. Florida is not a good team without Castelton. They had nobody to defend the rim once we got into the lane. I’m not going to allow my hopes to get up yet bc we’ve had some bad showings this past month. Better shooting on the road and taking care of the ball will be keys.

Having legs late in 2nd half make a difference too. Ask Devo and AB.


No one is playing Alabama close at their place and I don’t expect we will win on their floor either.
I’d say 3-1 is possible, 2-2 likely, but nothing is a given with this team.
One thing I’d really like to see improve is the body language and communication of CEM during the game.
I see him showing so much dissatisfaction towards our players when they make a mistake or miss shots and I don’t see a whole lot of encouragement instead.
Lots of sitting on the bench, hands on his face with his head down and shaking isn’t a good look of leadership IMO.
I wish he would grow up a bit and handle his business with more class and dignity.

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It’s ok, Doc, we will still save you a seat on the Muss Buss.

Yes, Florida didn’t have Castleton, but I still think we beat them with him.

The key is Nick is getting his legs under him again, and now we can rotate 4 great guards and not wear them completely out.

Just look back on some of our close losses. What would a healthy Nick have meant?


Most coaches act like that during a game when players make mistakes on the court. Go watch Calipari, Oates, or Pearl. You’ll see a lot of the same. These guys are trying to win games and wear their emotions on their sleeve. They are all just as quick to high five a player for a great play. Good grief, some of you find the most ridiculous stuff to gripe about.

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Nothing surprising about your post.
Bet you are a lot of fun at parties.
At least you are consistently negative.

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Actually I saw a lot of encouragement from him

He embraced Devo when he came out of the game and there were other instances as well


Agree with all you said, muss is hard on his team, but I do see him encouraging them and clapping his hands for hustle, plays and team plays. I’ve heard the players in press conferences say they love his energy and strong will he holds for their play.

And the fact that his former players come back to games everytime they get a chance?
They must really hate the guy.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You really agree with ALL that guy said, Marc? You think we have no shot at Bama?
I seriously think we do have a shot, and I bet your Lab does too.:laughing:


Right. At least 3 former Musselman Hogs at the game yesterday I think.

Obviously his former players like and respect him.

Mason and Isaiah stay in touch with Muss all the time.


4 former players. Justin Smith, Stanley Umude, Isiaiah Joe, and JWill (and Jessica Alba, lol).

They could have been in SLC partying with the NBA, but they CHOSE to be here.

JWill’s mom still comes to almost every game, and I saw her sitting with Danyelle and Ron Holland’s mom at the red white game.
Why would she do that if Muss had treated her son so poorly?


Yes former players and recruits love him!! 4 and 5* to! Lol I’ll give my opinion on Bama game after ga and Tenn game b4 I give my shot on Bama. I knw we will come with a fight for sure and the lab Ace will have hog apparel on for sure!! :star_struck:

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Bama is next Saturday. You guys gotta hold it down for me. I’m gonna be in Weiner, AR for my uncle’s celebration of life.
Hopefully I get to watch a replay of the win!


Oh ok, got Tenn and Bama mixed up!! Sure will!! Hope you enjoy ur time with family and in remembering ur uncle and his past. :pray::pray: and I go right through wiener by train going back into pb!! I’ll blow the horn loud and long when if I go through there Saturday!!


Awesome! Thanks buddy.
Hope to have a coldbeer with you someday!

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Sounds like a plan!!

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Oh, I’m definitely on the Muss bus Jeremy…I’m just not completely on this TEAMs bus yet to make a deep run. I’m not sure about NSJ’s sustained health and impact until I see it over time. IF he returns to form, I agree we will be tough to beat. But he may not return to form for another week or two, which is fine with me bc it’ll be perfect for a tournament run. I would love for him and the rest of these banged up guys get healthy these next 2 weeks!
I’ve tempered my expectations from Maui

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