Just go tickets for Mizzou

Game in Little Rock. Asked for 12 tickets from the ticket guy, between the 35’s, and all he asked was : “12 in a row or 6 in from of 6”.

Yikes! So if you can at all get to the game, pleeeaaaasssseee come support these kids and attend the game!

In contrast, I asked about basketball tickes for individual games, and the only way to see the Kentucky game is with a “mini-pass”.

So, great news for Muss, really bad news for our poor football players.

I"ll post this on both boards, fyi.


gobbldy goob gobbly gook, hope this allows me to double post

I took the drive for SR day to the hill and got rewarded with a first half to forget! I will still get 9 tickets for the the Missouri game! I’m a Razorback fan!
Sometimes it’s hard to watch but better days will come. My grandkids enjoy calling the hogs and the pregame activities. So that makes it worth going.

Agree with all that you posted. I will be attending the Arkansas-LSU game with the wife, daughter, and son-in-law with the same outlook. Razorback fan all the way, no matter how much it hurts sometimes.

WPS always. Never surrender! Bato Rouge Hog I guess we are old school.

What is a mini-pass? Is it like a package 3 to 4 games?

Kentucky game is always a sellout. I have two tickets. If I am not able to go, I will keep you in mind,

I think it’s a 4-5 game pass, I think all Saturday games, it definitely includes the Kentucky game

I’ve gotta take the twins to tennis, but whatever time we drag home tonight, I’ll explore and report back.


Their mini-plan is five games: TAM, Kentucky, TCU, Moo U and Misery for $99. If we have Kentucky here, they’re always going to tie that to a season ticket or mini-plan, no single game sales for that one (which would probably be occupied in blue; some of the mini-plans will still probably go that way).

Jeff Long introduced the mini-plans and they used to have two or three different plans available.