Just give Morris time

All he needs is about 2 or 3 more seasons of this, and it will start to improve.

Didn’t like the game? I was encouraged.

Would really like to see better linemen recruited every year. Having star power at receiver positions is great (can’t wait to see Burks, Knox, et al in two years), but the QB has to have time to operate. On the other side, we have to pressure the QB, can’t let him have all day. And, yes, today was encouraging.

We all know we need more linemen on both sides of the ball. The coaches know it, too. I’m confident we’ll sign some good ones this year & the ones we have will be better as they get older & more experienced. I can’t think of a soul who predicted we’d be good on our lines this year. We all hoped for better. We got better. This is not just a rebuilding year, but it’s a rebuilding year from the foundation on up.

I’m encouraged.

If u meant to say “holy smokes, our team may have started the turn around, today, right in front of us, wasn’t that exciting!”, then yes, I totally agree with you!


I think the turnaround started last week in the 2nd half against Ole Miss when Starkel was put into the game. We have looked like a different offensive team since that time. We have right now a very good group of skill players in Starkel, Woods, Knox, Burks, O’Grady and Boyd. We are undermanned in most every other position, but not in those skill positions.

We don’t have the speed we need on defense or the studs, but if we can recruit some more speed at linebacker and get a couple of junior college offensive lineman for next year, we could win 6-7 games.

Has Morris taken over the play calling? It was much better yesterday. Go down the field to those young studs, then let Boyd get into a crease and run.

I do understand the negative outlook in life by some. It is just the way they are. I don’t let that creep into my life. Ruins too many things.

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I can’t even begin to imagine what it is like to wake up every morning looking to be negative or wanting to have a bad day.

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Time is all I have to give him. Hopefully he gives us three more very good recruiting classes. That by itself will not guarantee him success and multi year contract, but it will leave us in a better position than we were in when the marketing major left.

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I agree with Clay and Dudley, that’s why my glass is always half-full.

Refusing to accept mediocrity in Razorback football coaching is not negativity. 15 games into this regime, there have been 4 games that offered encouragement and hope. The other 11 have been frightening, quite negative. Acknowledging that reality is not being negative. Be clear, today is the Sunday after a happy time.

Yesterday’s 4th quarter was the best thing we have seen in Razorback football in about 3 years. The 1st quarter, with the exception of the 75 yard TD against our defense, was also a great one. It definitely gives us hope.

But we surely know better than to get carried away – look back to the previous two weeks for concern. Look at the defensive statistics from yesterday. And remember that was Colorado State – not an S.E.C. program, not a competitor from a major conference, but a lesser opponent. I have read the comments that Arkansas has now fallen so low that Colorado State is on par or a better football program. Taken to the logical extreme, I guess that means we should accept losing to teams like Colorado State and North Texas State with good cheer. Does that mean, based on the scores, that Arkansas football is now on par with Portland State and Southeast Louisiana?

I will never accept that.

For now, we should feel good about things. To me, what happened in the 4th quarter gave me the best feelings I have had since this regime took over. Enjoy it for a week and hope it continues to get better next week.

I’m pushing 67 and I have never seen so many TRUE freshman play in my life,…Patience people…

You and I are both old enough to remember when freshmen couldn’t play at all. We had the Shoats who played other freshmen teams and juco schools. I think that changed in 1973. The number of freshmen and the number of black players who played in the Big Shootout in '69 are the same: Zero.

We’ve thrown a lot of people into the fire who should have been at prom last May, although a few of them were on campus and already had been through a spring (that’s huge, by the way). Back when there were the Shoats, they’d say the number of sophomores you start will be just about the number of games you lose. Probably even worse for freshmen, with a very few exceptions.

I had the pleasure of playing against the Hog Freshmen in 53 and 54. We beat them both times. LRJC vs UAF ar WM. .