Just found - season highlights from Hogs in 1978 and 1979

I had not seen this highlight package before. This is a lengthy video (90 minutes) with extensive highlights covering every game of those two seasons. There is good footage of Ben Cowins, Jerry Eckwood, Gary Anderson and Roland Sales, for example. I also love the Hog’s red britches with 2 white stripes down the sides in their games at Oklahoma State and Texas in 1978 (I was in the stands in Austin for that one).

May be boring for younger posters, but I believe “olders” will enjoy seeing these players again.


Thank you wizard I will watch this after the Hogs basketball game.

Always enjoy watching old video. You forget about so many of the guys until you hear their names.

Thanks Wiz. Good memories.

I was always surprised Ben Cowins didn’t have a better NFL career. Is there a reason anybody remembers?

Aloha and mahalo Wiz,
For those who don’t know, the Hogs were SI’s number One pick for 78 with Lou Holtz, Ron Calcagni And Ben Colin’s (?) on the preseason cover.


Great stuff! Man, we had a lot of sacks. Thanks for posting.

TYSM for posting this - I enjoyed it Very Much!

Ben Cowins came from inner city St. Louis, basically the ghetto. Fayetteville was an adjustment for him but he managed. When the Eagles drafted him in the fourth round, the NFL was more of a culture shock than he could handle. Philly cut him, he signed with Kansas City for the rest of the 1979 season, but I don’t think he played much, special teams at best. Tried Toronto in the CFL the next year and at least got some touches, but his pro career was over after the 1980 CFL season. I understand he has had an insurance agency in St. Louis for quite some time and has done well with that. I guess maybe St. Louis is his comfort zone.