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I don’t believe that a likely first round NBA draft pick is going to sit on the bench as a freshman.

Muss views Smith and Jackson as versatile inside out guys

You know how big a fan I am of Williams. I agree he could be the starter at the 5 as the season goes along.

Moses is projected as a 2022 first rounder (a 2 and done). If he was a 2021 first round projection, I would agree with you, but just like BP he’s considered a two and done. Difference is, BP didn’t have any upperclassmen sitting in his spot when he arrived. Moses has six.

As for Jackson, I don’t see him as an inside guy, if Muss does, I’m shocked, in interviews with his old coach, the coach is quoted as saying he is a guard in a PF body, that doesn’t like contact. Smith, I agree is an inside guy.

Jackson is a stretch guy. Doesn’t mean he cannot also be effective inside. After all, he did lead New Mexico in rebounding. I don’t know how his head coach missed that. If he gets the minutes, I expect he’ll also be among the rebounding leaders on this Razorback team.

Let me adjust my statement then:

I don’t believe that a player who is considered by some projections to be a likely first round NBA draft pick is going to sit on the bench as a freshman.

As for Jackson, here are Muss’ words from a recent story:

I watched Williams several times and agree with you. Sam Perkins type player and I’m glad to have him.

Interesting that the two sites have him listed as #20 in the 2021 draft and 2022 draft. I still don’t believe he’s a one and done based off watching him, and I don’t think he will start over Tate or Joe.

Interesting that he considers Smith a 3/4. Watching both Jackson and Smith, I see Jackson more of a three who could help if we went with a “big” lineup -

Tate (PG)
Joe and or Moody (SG)
Jackson (SF)
Williams (PF)
Vanover ©.

I see Smith more like a Corliss type who can give the opposing 4’s fits, if Vanover or Williams are in the game. However, I can’t see both him and Jackson playing together. They just don’t seem like they’re capable of the banging against bigger guys.

This is what I expected the inside to look like early, then late:

Vanover (5), Smith (4)
Iyiola (5), Williams (4) - Obviously Bay Bay’s injury makes us need an adjustment.

Williams (5), Smith (4)
Vanover (5), Williams/Smith (4)

Back to my original comments, When it comes to the freshmen -

Robinson - I’m a huge fan of Robinson. I watched a bit of Oak Hill this year. He reminds me so much of Mayberry. I’ve also watched all our transfers, I just don’t see a PG with his skill set. I don’t believe we’ve had one as good as him since Nolan was coaching. As I said, another site says he may have played his way into starting, especially with Notae’s injury. I actually believe he has the most upside of the incoming freshmen. If he was Devo’s size, he would have been a 5*. JMO

Williams - I’m also very high on Williams, IMO he is the best big on campus. Regardless of the transfers. I think experience matters to Muss and he will go with those upperclassmen the way he did with Cylla last year, but Williams will take the inside spot by SEC play. I believe if he would have played at one of the schools Moody or Robinson played at, he’d be higher ranked.

Davis - Is a very good PG. I’ve actually saw less of him than anyone, but what I’ve seen I like. However, up until last week, I had him and Moses getting about the same minutes off the bench. The reason my opinion changed is some individuals who have seen him and Robinson, think Robinson is a better ball handler and defender, and Devo is a better scorer and passer (which shocked me, because I like Robinson’s passing a lot).

Moody - I haven’t been a fan of Moody’s. Even when he was still in HS in AR. I didn’t see the player many do. I just don’t see him as a freshmen, being better than Tate or Joe, and lets be real, that’s the positions he will play (SG or SF). His ball handling isn’t as good as either Robinson or Davis, so I don’t see him starting at PG. He’s not as good a shooter as Joe, nor does he have the experience in the system (I do think he will be a better all around player than Joe). Tate is a much better defender and I think Muss values defense, more than most. I can’t see Moody taking a 5th year SR’s spot (but again, like with Joe, I think Moody will end up being a better all around player). I do think you’ll see Moses a lot at the end of games, because next to Joe, he maybe the best shooter, especially from the line (and Robinson too).

And let me add - I HOPE Moses proves me wrong. If he does, we will have a very exciting run come March

Cool and you may be right in the end.

It’s just my opinions from talking to Coach Muss, his assistants, support staff and players last fall and winter, this spring and summer.

I could be wrong. He and his staff could change paths.

But I do know that that Coach Muss and his staff have detailed thoughts on how they believe this all fits together.

On a side note, they were all and remain extremely supportive - as the HI family was and is - when things went South for me on May 21. That’s only to note they are good, caring human beings who think about others.


Dudley, I could be completely wrong, and these kids may surprise me, I hope they do. As I said at the end of the statement about the freshmen, if they are better than I think they’ll be, we will have an amazing year.

And on a side note, I’m glad you’re back. This place got quite boring without your insight.

I do recall the statement that bakedhog refers to on Jackson. He does sound like a guy that likes to hang around the perimeter and doesn’t like a whole lot of contact. But I have not seen him play, so I trust what Muss is telling you and hopefully it pans out.

However, I did watch the three Arkansas-Indiana games again since Smith signed. I didn’t see anything that tells me Smith can play outside. He just doesn’t seem to have a shot to play outside. In those three games, I didn’t see him do much inside either. In fact he hardly made any impact on those three games. Maybe he just had bad games against Arkansas.

I believe he will stay on average of what he was scoring with a occasional single digit scoring effort followed by a 25pt outburst.

The good news is during those poor shooting games the bench is so loaded whomever is the designated backup may make you wonder why they aren’t starting.

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I do agree with that

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