Just for fun, now that IJ is in the fold

Initial starting 5:

PG - Tate
2G - Joe
SF - Moody
SF/PF - Smith
PF/C - Jackson
1st off the bench - Desi

SEC schedule starting 5:

2G - Joe
SF - Moody
SF/PF - Smith
PF/C - Jackson
Nice minutes off the bench - Desi, Tate, Williams, Vanover, & Davis

10 solid SEC talents.

Side note - 2021/22 tandem of Williams/Vanover will be better than the Smith/Jackson tandem.

Interesting. I’m not sure KK is going to be ready to run the show by January but I guess it’s possible. Not sure about Jackson as a 5 either. But we’ll hopefully see how Muss juggles the pieces.

I really think Desi will start. His game improved so much, but I will say he did play btr coming off the bench. Will see.

Let me preface this by saying Muss has always been partial towards experience.


Point Forward: Vance Jackson
Shooting Guard: Isaiah Joe
Swing Forward: Jalen Tate
Power Forward: Justin Smith
Center: Conner Vanover


PG: Khalen Robinson backup Devonte Davis
SG: JT Notae (by the time SEC begins) Desi Sills
SF: Moses Moody (Could earn some starter pt)
PF: Jaylin Williams
C: Ethan Henderson

Desi will start Game 1 for sure. At this time, he is better than guards on the roster, other than Joe. Other than Joe, he is the most P5 experienced guard on the roster.

I am also betting Desi will not be a happy guy if he doesn’t start.

Desi will start. he and isiah will be the leaders on this team. Now, there is a chance Muss will bring Desi off the bench if he plays better that way. But he will get started minutes. Book that now.

Sticking with my same response from the past month:

Starting 5: Joe, Moody, Tate, Smith, Jackson. If Moody can defend at a high level, this 5 could be just an outstanding combination of scoring and defense.

6th man: Sills. I don’t disagree about what most others have said about Desi and starting (other than him “not being happy” if he doesn’t). No doubt to me he will likely log top 3-4 minutes for the season. But it takes a mature player to be “Manu Gilobili”, and I think we have the staff who can convince Desi of his value as the first off the bench.

10-15 minutes a game:

  • Vanover. I’m intrigued by his skill set, but not convinced he will log heavy minutes.
  • Notae. Won’t be surprised if I’m underestimating his contribution a bit.
  • Williams. How fast will he mature?
  • Davis. I think he will be an outstanding player some day
  • Robinson. Barring injuries to others, I think he’ll log the fewest minutes of all the freshmen.

Henderson: Occasional minutes. He definitely has improved, but I think his primary value will be in practice.

I won’t use positions

KK off bench for Desi
Devo off bench for Joe
Tate for Moody
Conner for Jackson
Williams for smith
Henderson for Jackson smith williams conner,

There are a ton of combos and substitutions

I will be stunned if moody joe are not on the court at he same time most of the time, like Masons and Joe were, eating a lot of minutes.
Also Jackson and Smith .
Just see no way these 4 are not starting most games and are most minutes guys. Desi at the point and that’s a tough bunch to crack into.

To start the first game

Isaiah Joe
Desi Sills
Moses Moody
Vance Jackson
Justin Smith

But, unlike last season, the talented options are plentiful and Coach Muss has a variety of ways he van go.

Should be fun.

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Duds, good to see your return and read your thoughts. Have you ever seen a better team rebuilt in one year at the college level?

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Pretty impressive.

Coach Sutton’s first year would have to be in there as well, going from 10-16 to 17-9. He would follow that up with 19-9-, 26-2 and 32-4.

Coach Richardson’s turn from 12-16 to 19-14 and then 21-9, 25-7 and 30-5 was dazzling as well.

I agree with daytonabeachhog on the starting lineup. I’m not sure what he means with Notae and Sills, but I think Desi will play as one of the first substitutes. Moody may work his way into the starting lineup as the season goes on. Tate is too good defensively to keep him out of the starting lineup.

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We agree on the initial starting line up, but we really disagree on KK Robinson. I don’t know if you’ve watched or followed KK, but in the final 247 rankings, he finished one spot ahead of Moody as the #39 recruit in the country. I’ll be a bit surprised if he doesn’t get starter minutes early in the season.

Young Mr. Robinson will play and play a lot in my humble opinion.

Agree, DD. I don’t think people understand just how talented the Fantastic Four are. They are all gonna play, and they are all gonna win. There are 8 Arkansas kids on this team. They know each other and they have built-in chemistry. That’s why I think they will gel quickly and be an absolute nightmare to play against. I’m so excited, I can’t hardly stand it.

I think I’m more excited for these upcoming expectations even more than Sutton & Richardson coached teams and that is saying alot! WPS

P.S .Many thanks again, AD H.Y.

I think the starting lineup may change often as Coach EM will utilize the new found depth to exploit match-ups.

I agree with you about KK. Another site said he’s in the best position to start the season at PG.

However, I disagree with most about Moody. Joe, Sills, Tate, and JACKSON, are more SG/SF guys, and I think as JR and SR’s they’re better than the freshmen. I actually believe Moses plays the least amount of all the freshmen. I also don’t see Jackson in the paint. I think both Williams and Vanover will play inside, and by the end of the season Williams is entrenched as the starter at the 5.

Starting for the 1st game is C- Vanover, F- Jackson, SF- Smith, SG- Joe, PG- Tate. 2 nd Lineup- C- Williams, F- Henderson, SF- Moody, SG- Sills, PG- Davis & Notea & Robinson in no certain order.