Just Few Random Thoughts & Our Defense

  1. Our defense just doesn’t have enough legit playmakers for this 3-4 right now. We got hardly any pressure on that FR QB today, and A&M’s offense seemingly was never stopped in the second half! We can’t compete with the big boys in the SEC without significant talent upgrades in our D. Where are these playmakers coming from based on our recruiting lists? Especially at Dline.
  2. Our offensive line is just average. A&M’s defense is not that good & we struggled moving the ball until the second half today. Watch A&M get gashed later this year by Auburn, Bama, MSU, etc. BB teams have to rely on elite Olines & we are long way from elite.
  3. Our special teams are not up to par. That’s on CBB.
  4. $4M per year for this. And we’re regressing as a team in year 5.