Just curious

How many of you will be disappointed if we lose tomorrow?

Personally, I think we got all we needed from Hoover, and I just want the boys to come back to Baum whole and healthy.

I definitely don’t want to put any undue stress on Tygart, because I think THIS team can win the whole damn thing.

No doubt we are a top 4 national seed now.



Great question.
IMO we have accomplished all we need to do to set up the one that counts. Hosting next week!

Don’t lay down and die just use this to help get some timing down for or matchup’s next week. It’s showtime!!


Me. I’ll be disappointed if we lose. Always. If they keep score, it matters.

There are at least 3 other reasons playing on Sunday would benefit the Hogs:

  • It will provide extra AB’s to those returning from injury and to those in mild slumps
  • It will give opportunities to 2-3 pitchers that we might need to pitch well these next 3 weeks (Coil, Bybee, Foutch, Ledbetter)
  • It could provide the opportunity to face Florida - a team we likely will be paired with in the CWS bracket.

Tygart will not get undue stress. Win or lose. Coach will make sure of that.


I’m always disappointed when we lose but we’ve had a good tournament and got some good work in either way.


Was thinking thinking about that. Part of me says let Tygert get his work and then go home, but then there are many young guys that need the work and want to play. I am sure Dave will not do anything to hurt next week.

Always want to see Hogs win, but? Whatever Dave wants is ok by me.


I’d rather win, but won’t be very upset if we lose.


I always want to win, but my perspective in this tourney hasn’t changed. Get through it with minimal wear and tear and get to the real post season

As long as we are competitive, I’m OK with it.

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It will not make or break my day either way. Especially since we are playing the Aggies and not the corndogs. I think the worst of all remaining situations, would be to make if to Sunday and lose. In extra innings.


I will, and I actually agree with your thinking. I am disappointed anytime we lose


If the tournament is not worth anything, why play it?

I don’t like the idea of playing 4 to 5 games on a series, which is what we face in the SEC Tourney. On the other hand, I like it that A&M has played more games than us. Tired arms!. However, it’s always nice to play in the series final.

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I hate to get beat at anything. But in this Money put called a SEC tournament just avoid getting anybody hurt.
Our hogs need to get a few more swings for the top of the batting order for sure, it would be nice to see Tygart dominant and the hogs win. With a win tomorrow Sunday a lot of freshmen need to see the mound and a few starters should sit
If your going to play win but don’t burn any pitcher

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I can’t hope to lose. That said it sure won’t be a big deal if do!

I was telling my son before the tournament started that I wanted to win one to get the taste of those last two Vandy games out of my mouth, but after that I just wanted to go home. BUT I couldn’t root for us to lose any particular games!!!

Once we were playing LSU it was “oh heck no, let’s win this thing.” I don’t hate A$M baseball nearly as much, so while I want to win, no big deal if we don’t.


I went into this week not concerned about winning. Just get some work in and don’t get anyone injured. Then the competitive spirit grabbed me and I was really into winning. We’ve gotten everything we need out of the week already (IMO). But I can’t help but be competitive and want to win. My youngest daughter is taking her (soon to be) 14 year old today. She’s pumped and he’s pumped. His stated goal in life is to wear a Hog uniform on the hill. He once told Kareem Reid that….

I’ll root hard but won’t lose sleep if we lose.


Well, many people have asked, “why play it?” The reason is the SEC wants the money. Teams who are on the bubble or just outside it need it to get into the real tournament that starts next week.

We were a national seed regardless of the SECT. Going 0-2 or 4-0 might, MIGHT, change our seeding one or two spots. We can use it to get some work in for pitchers and hitters. Overdoing some arms or getting someone hurt sliding into base or something like that makes this a not very worthwhile tournament. It’s the length of it that makes it a bad idea.


I think it will be good for Arkansas to win because it means some back-of-bullpen pitchers will get work in Hoover. Those arms need some game action because they might be needed in a regional next week.

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Yes! I agree. Why play it?

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I know the first games are Thursday. So my question is:

Does it really make a difference as the one or two seed in Hoover? A normal week would have been a midweek game, then Friday, Sat, Sun, our normal rotation. Then repeat the next week.

We will play four games, then a Thursday game at the earliest. Why is there a “big” difference. We see teams (NFL for example), have a week off or rest players for the playoffs and they comeback out of sync.

Makes more sense to me to treat like any other week, but I’m not a big baseball guy, I prefer football and basketball

I’m not sure any games will be played Thursday. Last year all the regionals started on Friday, June 3, with some concluding Monday, including ours.

The first games are on Tuesday. The winners of the 4 Tuesday games play again on Wednesday against the 4 top seeds. Playing 3 or 4 games as we will doesn’t hurt us. Of course, we went extra innings in our Wednesday game. That could’ve hurt us, but probably didn’t.

DVH won’t stress pitchers to win today or tomorrow, but players start getting tired this time of year. Arguably a loss today gives us an extra day of rest we could use. If we win today, I certainly want to win tomorrow. I’d rather lose today than tomorrow

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