Just curious...who do the think the SEC coach

is that the other coaches most want to beat? Could it be CBB?

Just a perception but it doesn’t seem that there is any love loss from Sumlin
Spurrier seemed to relish hanging 50 on him in 2013
I image McElwain wants to lay it on him after his comments during last recruiting season

Who do you think the coach is that other coaches most want to beat?

I think all of them want to beat Saban. They respect him and that’s probably it as much as anything else. When you are the gold standard, that’s who you want to beat. I’m not sure anyone really likes Saban. But they probably don’t detest them, just want to beat them. That’s a notch on your belt, for sure.

Bielema said this summer that Sumlin is one of his closest friends in coaching. I was surprised to hear that, particularly due to their contrasting philosophies.

I have no idea if other coaches want to beat Bielema any worse than anyone else, but I have to think that most have seen how he is building the Arkansas program slowly but surely and have to have a lot of respect for what he is doing.

I think Bielema and Sumlin are fairly close. They come from the same coaching tree and have many of the same mutual friends in the profession.

I agree with Clay. I think Saban is the one every coach most wants to beat. Not many have done it, so you are accomplishing something if you can.

I agree with you and Clay, but you have to admit that sometimes Bret says somethings that may give the other coaches a little extra fire. Just think if we play Texas in a Bowl again, you don’t think Strong would remind his team that they’re borderline erotic? The McElwain recruiting statement will probably have him a little fired up as well.

Beating Saban and him being the pinnacle that will get you instant notoriety.
After that I don’t think it matters what coach is on the other sideline because the rest spend all their time beating on each other anyway.

Saban. Beyond a shadow of a doubt. I think Coach Saban is actually good to other coaches in the league. But I think they want to beat his teams because they respect him.

Wasn’t sure and just wondered if the Bielema vs Kingsbury played a role since Kingsbury used to be on Sumlin’s staff at both Houston and ATM.

If you’ll remember, Sumlin made a joke the next week that he would referee the wrestling match between the two because he knew them both well.

Moot question because it does not matter. To answer that question a coach would need to identify the coach/coaches that they would most enjoy losing to. Coaches are more interested in winning the very next game than having concern over a favorite coach to beat. I think that this is what the coaches would also say. Don’t mean that they may like or dislike an opposing coach more or less than another. You think that CBB does not mind losing to Coach Sumlin just because they are buddies, not.

I would say it would be Malzahn wanting to beat CBB more than any other coach, and the feeling is probably mutual.