Just Curious... O-line question here.

I thought we had settled on an O-line in the Bama game,
but yet again we see a new combination and move players
around again. WTF? Are we trying to see if we can go
an entire season with never starting the 5 same guys in
the same positions. It looks like start and position are
decided by random shuffle. Never seen anything like it.


Chinese Fire Drill

Coaching at its finest.

You just can’t keep changing things every week and expect the OL to play as a unit. When you don’t play as a unit your offense gets stuffed by good defenses. Auburn mainly used four(very good) DL to get pressure all night. The OL was just plain lousy in handling twists and other games, and sometimes just got dominated.

Ramirez had three penalties in the first half. Holding penalities galore. Pitiful.

You can recruit good OL to Arkansas, and you can turn good OL into great OL. It’s been done in the past by more than one coaching staff. Barring some kind of miracle finish, the single biggest reason BB’s tenure will end is because of the OL problems. It is really frustrating given the increase in the talent level on the rest of the offense, but you can have all kinds of skill position talent and still be lousy if you can’t block. And right now we can’t block.