Just can't get this

out of my head.
#1 Taking someone else property???
#2 Spitting in an opponent’s face.
#3 CBB at the halftime interview guarantee to play hard the 2nd half.

Something I can NOT take is stealing. I wouldn’t take a dime from anyone on this board. Give a 500 buck gift card and take more??

Remember statements like I would take a whole team of DM"s? Did anyone notice as DM was walking along the sideline and it looked like he said No I didn’t cuss him. Well maybe not, he did even worse he spit in a players face. Someone can correct me but was it in the other players face? At his feet what? Our Greenwood kid really cost our Team and State yesterday.

And then CBB guarantee at halftime to continue to play hard the 2nd half. Well how did that turn out?

I can take losing. WE Razorback fans know all about that. BUT I can’t take number 1 and #2. That’s no class. And it turn’s my stomach to lose like this. It’s a good thing those guys are seniors. I might have made the guys walk back home.

Just a sad day in FB History… 24 to Zip. Actually I would have NEVER guessed we would be the one Ahead at half. 24- Zip. Actually I told my son let’s call this good. Game over!1 Boy was I wrong. But I knew that team would make a run. Actually it only took 18 minutes.

Those calling for CBB head are just out of their minds. We’re in the middle of a dumpster fire and you want to fire the coach. NOT going to happen but CBB has seen the light of The SEC-SEC…

Blinding at the moment but he needs to work double time and enact the JS and DM Rules of conduct…

Any other parting thoughts HI group??

I think we can all agree that what Sprinkle did was just a dumb decision. To think, he can sign with an agent today and buy all the Belk he wants. I thought Bielema summed it up well when he was it was “an immature mind making an immature mistake.” I was told last night by an NFL guy that it isn’t going to hurt his draft stock, but it will be something that comes up in meetings with teams next year.

The spitting seems out of character for Drew, but emotions make us all do out of character things. This could mean anything, but I saw him retweet something today along the lines of “show me the video” of the incident. Maybe he think he didn’t do it? Maybe the official saw something he thought was spitting? Maybe it happened. Drew didn’t talk last night after the game, so no one has been able to ask him about it.

That was something the announcers said last night as well. He was away from the play so there wasn’t a video to show what occurred. Did any of the press actually see the incident?

Your assessment of AAs second half performance against both MO and VT and what that reasonably means towards next seasons more difficult opponents–him being a leader of the team?

Tuschawg and anyone else that cares to read. I really don’t think a QB on campus can play any better than AA. What I think happened the last 2 games were the other team made adjustments at half time and figured out what and how to correct the mistakes at halftime. Actually on both sides of the ball. That begs to question why did our coaches not have a plan on play calling and on defense. We were all over the QB in the first half but not the 2nd half. On offense the line melted down. And on defense they figured out our schemes.

What the defensive coordinator for VT did was have his D-line to start jumping around in the last second before the ball was snapped. This resulted in our OL to be completely confused on who to block. Actually I told my son that the movement of 4 guys just jumping around is not fair FB. One guy but all 4 shifted to completely different gaps and we were just shell shocked. And it wasn’t just a movement it was jumping and faking and probably some yelling that may have been to each other but it clearly disrupted our OL and to be frank AA.

IMO it AA for next year unless he gets hurt. That’s just what I think.

Now this brings up another question WHY was CBB just standing away from ALL of his players? IMO again he should have been in a bunch of kids faces. So the annswer IMO is AA AND what is the answer to CBB as the announcers mentioned way far AWAY from his players? AND Dan he chocked on his playing calling the 2nd half.

Mistakes as in TO’s were a major factor in the meltdown. But TD fumbles and another fumble just killed us. That forced AA then to try and make unforced passing. A completed pass and it goes straight through his hands into a VT players ready for a TO.
This is the very reason I question people say fire this coach and that when we just did NOT execute simple plays. SOME on our coaches but a lot of players misfiring themselves.

Its the recipe for a piss poor season…

Correct, 2 fumbles and 1 int were not AA’s fault. 1 int was while trying to force something that wasn’t there, just trying to make a play.
4 TO’s in a game will cost you big time, 4 TO’s in a 2nd half will cost you more usually as momentum and confidence is completely lost. Especially when your defense is unable to return the favor and continues to deteriorate.
That’s where coaching on the fly becomes so important, to keep the fire in the players to not give up. Somewhere along the way we lost that this year. The fire was there in games from start to finish at the beginning of the season but seemed to be lacking in latter half of it, for players and coaches alike.

What really bothers me in addition to the subjects above is the last 2 years November was ours. Actually I would suggest that very few in the 2 previous years really wanted no part of the Razorbacks in November.

What changed this year is mind boggling. 2014 and 2015 we were tough as nails. In 2016 just a 2 quarter team.
AA has got to grab the bull by the horns and take command of this team. I knew we would be ready to play. But afraid of the 4 quarter game.

CBB needs to work overtime in the finishing of this new class. Envision what spots need to be fixed and Get THAT OL better to protect our QB.
Guys when AA has time he’s one very good QB. When your running for your life he makes like any QB some mistakes.

After that lose to Alabama in the Sugar bowl Lou Holtz said we’ve got to get us some better players. Well duh!!

We have dug yourselves in a hole. It’s TIME to stop digging. I didn’t really like or agree with Hottie a nd his comments just awhile back. But I hate to say it he may be right.

I wonder if CBB has any regrets in coming to Arkansas. I wish he could prove the world wrong, and NOW is the time to do just that.

If you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got!!