Just broke a vow I made.....

I think I’ll feel better admitting this publically…well semi publically since I’m doing it in the context of an anonymous message board. The vow I made was to never read an article written by _ally _all again. This morning I read his article about CBP and the 2012 Cotton Bowl. I’ve heard so many hints about his conduct there I suppose I could not help myself. The article had no huge revelations and I’m pretty much ashamed I broke my vow.

But the good news is that the little guy still can’t write and I’m certain I’ve missed nothing these past several years.

Thanks for listening.

Me too. That was a useless article with very little information. A tease & waste of my time

Big headline but very little story. Wasted precious time reading it.

Same here, saw the headline and said" finally here’s the story everybody has asked about" what a waste of 5 minutes of life

I had never heard about the Zach Higbee name/incident. I had always assumed the rumored cussing came from Petrino only. Maybe it was both. I still don’t really know. I never knew about the forced apology or who was actually cussed at.

So, in fairness, I maybe did learn some stuff. I’m guessing not all of it.

I remember being down there and everyone was talking about it. Wally is right, the Cotton Bowl people are first class and they treat everyone great.

Sometimes I open a _ally story accidentally, ten shower.

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. I doubt Wally can match that though.

Same can be said for most people with blind hatred.

Pardon what I have to say (and I know the backlash is coming), but I don’t understand the vile against Wally on this board. He’s not my favorite writer, but I figure if I don’t like something, I don’t have to read it. Maybe he killed somebody’s mother, I don’t know, but he seems to get blamed for everything from the Kennedy assassination to the space shuttle disaster. He’s the sports editor and he has to have big shoulders to bear the burden, but carrying a hate for somebody many have never met is mind-boggling to me.

I don’t hate _ally _all, but I have little use for him. I do know of some uncalled for things that he did in the past, but it is very old news and need not be repeated. Those who have told me about his transgressions were people that I respect and whose opinions I value.

When Daddy was alive and there were two papers being printed in NWA, he decided to cancel the demozette and subscribe to the Morning News of NWA. He called to cancel. He was asked why he decided to drop the paper. He informed the operator that it was mostly because of _ally. Her comment was that they had gotten quite a few cancellations for that very reason.

Marty, I respect that. It’s OK not to like things a person does and to have little or no use for the person. But hatred is not good for anyone, especially the one doing the hating. I’m sure he’s done much to receive ill-will, but I must admit, I lived out of state for several years and am not privy to that. Again, he’s not my favorite writer and I’m not taking up for him as much as I’m trying to figure out the hatred aspect.

Thank you Marty for perfectly expressing how I also feel about him. I don’t hate _ally either. But his past actions and my lack of interest in his opinion led me to avoid his articles. One particular incident that many of us know about was shameful.

There was far more to it.

I think a lot of it stems from the 80’s. Wally made a point of writing negative things about Nolan, Lou Holtz, Frank Broyles–and about everyone else associated with the UA. He followed the lead of the late unlamented editor of the Democrat, John Robert Starr, who never had a squabble he could forget. Wally was a Mike Newell sycophant & constantly built him up (in contrast to his writings about Nolan–while Nolan’s daughter was dying.) He became less negative once the Gazette folded & he no longer had to tell it “like it is.” The “like it is” was never the case, but he tried to draw a distinction between himself & Orville Henry, who Starr & Hall viewed with bohh envy & malice. Starr hated the Gazette & the person most responsible for its popularity in the state–O.H. Like I said, once the newspaper war ended the new ADG was less hostile toward the Razorbacks, but I still see glimpses of it. The “UAF” as an obvious nugget to UALR is an example.