Just because . . . highlights from Super Sidney's last ever game in Barnhill

Ran across this and got goosebumps watching Sidney play almost 40 years later. I remember it like it was yesterday.

My goodness . . . what a player.

Especially those of you who never saw him play need to watch this 8 minute clip.


Was the Sidney dunk just before the half the one that was on the cover of Sports Illustrated or was that against someone else?

Wow thanks Wiz.
Yes I’m plenty old enough to remember it like yesterday.


Was the Sidney dunk just before the half the one that was on the cover of Sports Illustrated or was that against someone else?

[/quote]Texas…it was a great season.


The Texass player who Sidney posterized was Tyrone Branyan, who was a pretty good player himself and spent some time in the NBA.

I was at that game. Sure doesn’t seem like it was that many years ago.

While the highlights were great… I think I enjoyed most the voice of
Paul Eells again! I grew up with him as the voice of the Razorbacks
on my TV or Radio. Sure do miss his “OH MY!” or his other iconic

It’s always about the DPG.

Thanks for a great find. What a player!

Wish VHS was invented earlier. Would love to have some of the triplets games in my huge sports library.

Watching that video reminded me of an oddity: All the UH players in this clip are wearing odd-numbered jerseys. This is not an accident. Apparently at one time the rulebook required road teams to wear odd numbers and home teams to wear even, I guess to keep from confusing the refs and/or the official scorer. That rule was changed decades ago, but Guy Lewis kept doing it. Olajuwon (who spelled it Akeem then, or UH spelled it that way for him) wore 34 at home, 35 on the road.

I didn’t grow up in Arkansas (my fandom comes because I was raised in a household headed by parents who met at the U of A). I grew up in El Paso and had just graduated from UTEP, then moved to the DFW area when the triplets exploded on the scene (and brought Arkansas’ moribund Basketball program back to life along with them).

What i remember most vividly from the handful of times I was able to see those players in person (at SMU and TCU games in the DFW area) was the excitement rippling through the crowd the half dozen times a game we got a steal or tipped ball and started racing down the court. Would it be Sid, Boot or Marvin that would finish the break with an acrobatic dunk? We didn’t know, but it sure was fun watching to find out.

Funny, because the style of play was so much different in so many ways. But just like the Nolan era, our best teams under Eddie were characterized by spurts or runs that started with our defense. Probably a truism about defense in general; but especially so with those two.

Thank you Wiz. That brought back some great memories. What a great player and a wonderful team.
I’ve worn out the tape I had of our national championship in 94. I still have the cards that have the players on them.
We have had some great young men grow up before our eyes on the court and become succeeding great people after their playing days.
What’s strikes me most about Sidney Moncrief then as it does now is how humble he is and how he always mentions his teammates and says how much they helped him on and off the court.
Man we lost an Arkansas Sports Great when Paul left us! It never mattered if it was football or basketball he brought enthusiasm and color even when it was on the radio.
This is an early Christmas present!
I guess I’m getting old when I mute the announcers and listen to the radio proadcast and watch the TV! I can’t stand to listen to most of the announcers.

We have not had a guard that can score inside like Sidney…since Sidney.

Notice how many of his shots were banks?
Totally lost art.

What a great trip down memory lane. I had forgotten how good a player US Reed was. That clip also featured a couple of throw downs from the long forgotten James The Rocket Crockett. Oh what might have been.

Simply the best basketball Hog ever… relentless and cat coiled with every step. Great talent that was only exceeded by his work ethic.

Thanks for the video.