Just back from the game

I know I should not post tonight, but I just cannot help myself.

This was the most pathetic defensive effort I’ve seen from a Musselman team since he’s been here. Interior defense was non existent. I have no clue what’s the problem. There wasn’t a total of 10 minutes of even decent defensive play.

I know he won’t do it, but this group of players need to play a simple zone. It looks to me like we can’t put 5 players on the court at the same time that understand Muss’ man to man and help defense. Oh, how we miss Justin Smith and Jalen Tate.

Our offense looked like it was coming around in the 2nd half. With our lack of defense though, it made no difference. Hofstra would just hit open shots and open lay-ups, seemingly every time down the floor.

Best player on the floor tonight was Iyiola, (18 & 14 double double) who couldn’t find a minute of playing time here. Next best player was their #4.

We have good talent on this team. We just don’t yet have a good team. I hope Muss can get this figured out.

I’ve gotta get off this board. I’m way too disappointed in this game and effort right now. I’ll just post some things I’ll regret in the morning.


He needs to bench the staring 5 and let 5 more play and let the others watch for at least a half.

He needs to coach his team and spend less time on social media. He (or someone managing his account) replies to every tweet with his @ twitter name

He is very proud of beating every coach on twitter and tweets about that too

Enough already

It was even more excruciating to only be able to listen to it. Very disappointing and embarrassing. To let a guy that never played, and you willingly let go, absolutely torch you…well, I have no words. What’s next…Ethan Henderson going for 40 when we play A&M?


Can’t you play man-to-man D without all the helping and switching? Just stick to your defensive assignment, and don’t leave your defensive assignment, ever.

Against OU, our guards would leave their defensive assignment to drop down into the paint almost every time the ball went inside, leaving OU players wide open at the 3-pt line.

And when we switched, at least twice as I recall, Lykes got stuck guarding one of the OU bigs.

Forget all the helping and switching and just play straight man D.

This team is way to athletic/quick to sit back in a zone D all game long imo.


I would agree with your zone suggestion.

We stay in the man to man even on in bound plays under the opponents’ basket.

Don’t most teams go to a zone in that situation?

Yeah Hofstra would pick and roll with whoever Lykes was guarding. And had great success but then they figured out that they really didn’t have to pick and roll at all, that #4 could just without a screen or anything, could from out top shoot a uncontested layup when ever he wanted.

We need a big man at the forward position. 6.6" forward is not going to cut in the SEC. We have other problems, but this one glaring problem to me.

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Why will Muss never play zone and rarely use timeouts ?

This isn’t the NBA.

Justin Smith was 6’6". He turned out pretty good.

Au’Diese Toney is as good any PF in the SEC.

Defense is the #1 issue with the team.

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I take it you are serious here? Man, what an amazing overreaction. I predict Muss will still be heavily tweeting in March during a decent run into the NCAAT. And you’ll be one of those at the front of the line, singing his praises, saying you knew all along we had a good team. And you won’t mention a thing about his tweeting.

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yep been doing that all yr,sag to the lane while their guy is waiting in the Corner and wonder why we can’t stop the 3… don’t get it.

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