Just back from the game..

Mercy, it is getting harder and harder, day by day to be a Razorback fan. NOW nobody needs to tell me to look for another team to follow.

What crowd showed up did pretty good. But 1/2 full just doesn’t help our team. Dusty has no chance to get a shot off. And what has happened to Moses? Yes 19 points or so but only 4 RB’s I think?

Also who or where was that thread that said the next 10 games set up very well for our BB team. Only one problem here, we didn’t get past the first one.

It’s not over as we have many games to play but at this point we are not going to make the Big dance.

Things need to happen and fast or the heat on Mike will just keep getting hotter.

So gang what’s the problem here?

I think it’s talent.

We can hide it against the easier small school teams responsible for our deceptive record.

But some in conference are longer and simply more athletic.

Talent likely contributing to poor D but got to be more to it than that.

Sorry, I have to comment. Lack of talent??? We supposedly have the SEC player of the year, 2 JUCO all Americans, one of the league’s best 3 pt shooter. Give me a break…when I watch this team there is a consistent breakdown of fundamental basketball…so yes coaching is a big problem.

Rebounding is key. The decades long excuse about rebounding and the NR and MA style is getting old. We are playing more half court this year too, so that should allow for keeping players in rebounding position. There has to be some moderation of the scheme to insure that players are in position to rebound and which ones release for transition. We have the talent to rebound better. Florida, Minnesota, Misstake, Louisville, and Kentucky run fast yet seem able to run and rebound.

Moses has turnovers on offense that are driving me crazy. He tries to dribble inside of 10 feet so he get stripped most times. I think Moses needs a come to Jesus meeting :wink: about his offensive role. The guards need to be told to not force the ball into Moses if he isn’t in good position, so they need to get the ball to him in better positions.

I have to agree, I think it has a lot to do with coaching.

Talking more so about D. We went juco route when we lost our targets to Kentucky and Florida.

Short of Kingsley who is tall it seems we give up height and atheticism at least to play D like we would expect.

Supposedly having talent doesn’t mean what we have is working.

I can’t believe its a revolutionary thought that we could use some talent upgrades from 4 spot and others particularly to play the kind of D we hope for.

Happy to be wrong but young talent at Auburn and Miss State appears beyond what we have at the moment.

Arkansas does not know what it is doing on defense. You need to ask Mike why.

The small crowds reflect the level of fan interest. At some point it has to matter. Arkansas basketball is nothing without fan support.

I remember when Nolan didn’t yet have his great teams, you would hear, he just has terrific athletes that play basketball, not talented basketball players. In watching Mike’s (or Nolan’s) system this year, I’m not sure that “terrific athletes that play basketball” are not a requirement to play this pressure defense the way it needs to be played successfully.

The SEC has always been a basketball league with great athletes playing basketball. Ideally, to be great, you have to have a few great athletes, who are also great basketball players. However, now, it seems they all go to KY, Duke, NC, Kansas, etc. When Mike tries to full court press now, it seems that nearly every opponent has more speed, quickness, and jumping ability than the Hogs.

In looking at our team, how many jump out to you as being great athletes? Bailey and maybe CJ, but who else? Macon is the closest he has to an athlete with very good basketball skills, but he’s still struggling a bit to fall comfortably into his role. Hopefully, that will come together before the season is over, but I believe he will be just that next year.

It looks like we are recruiting better athletes, who are also have very good basketball skills in these next 2 classes. I just hope Mike can get this team going the rest of this season, so he will be here to coach those recruits.

Rebounding has been the Achilles heal of Arkansas basketball since NR as stated. On both ends of the court it looked like the State guys were a head completely above our guys going for a rebound. So all they did was play volleyball with the basketball. Actually this is something I have never understood with NR and now MA.

I haven’t looked up the stats but I would guess on the offensive board State must of had 15+. That is just not acceptably. The overall rebounds were just terrible.

How is it that a team can take our best shooter out of the game and yet we can’t stop Weatherspoon, or any other major scorer?

The friend I went with I said Moses seems to have gone backwards VS improvement this year. And he sure isn’t helping his draft stock so far.

It’s going to be a long trying season. BWA a place you just didn’t win in has turned into a so-so place. Sad but true.