Just back from the game in LR

Our team is terrible. the refs were terrible. if all games were like this game, then there would be no fans and no big money and no need for stadiums. college football coaches would make 30K and be happy to have it. I think we set college football back decades with this game.

and the best part of the game was the poor fans. those of us there tried to cheer, and clearly were much more involved in the game than our players or coaches.

The next time someone criticizes our fans, please punch them in the mouth. as of now, the fans are BY FAR the best part of our program. Just wish our players and coaches could match up, we could have crushed a poor Mizzou team today.

Ugh, I’m frustrated!!! when’s the next basketball team, where we actually have a coach?!?!?!?


Not picking on you but your post makes it seem like you were expecting more from the football team today. I guess I’m a little guilty of it myself. I found myself agitated with the amount of time it took to get the plays in on offense, the amount of yellow flags thrown by the refs, and I kind of expected Chase Harrell to actually car hit a pass. All symptoms of insanity. I’m glad this season is over and look forward to a real head football coach (not picking on Lunney here - I think he did about as good as he could do with the point of where the team was when he took over as interim).

You feel like I did when I make the drive to the hill from central Arkansas to watch the poor excuse for a football team put on the field. The product on the field is on Morris and CBB. Lunney is a victim of circumstance and his position group accounts for some good production. The lack of QB play, QB development, offensive scheme and defensive scheme has our hogs as the laughing stock of CFB!
My 8 year old son sums it up best! You have to try pretty hard to be this bad!
There aren’t enough players on the field that give 100% on defense and on offense we don’t have a QB that can throw well enough to get playmakers the ball!
Morris ran off Storey whom was the only hope for a QB for this season and karma got him!
The next HC when he takes the podium of he has a fancy slogan they should just fire him and start another search!
All I want to hear is I’m ready to go to work and get this team ready to play!

Today results don’t reflect how any of the fans expect our hogs to play. I hope we see a Tony Bua take the field again and fly around making plays! That’s what we miss. We also miss the grit at QB the Allen brother displayed! Heart and the will to win! This team don’t know how to win!
Club drub was the low point of this season!

I share your frustration, but I can’t really blame the staff that coached yesterday. There were so many players missing due to injury or illness that what little talent we have was missed, big time.